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  • Apr 03, 2012
  • 08:09 PM

Esperanto lovers blaze trail on new EU petition

Europe Online Magazine
Brussels (dpa) - Should the European Union recommend that citizens use the invented language Esperanto when singing its anthem? That is one of the questions the EU‘s executive was left to ponder this week, after citizens on Sunday acquired the right to submit petitions for new legislation.


  1. What a good idea! Esperanto works! I learned it in my late teens, and I’ve used it in speech and writing in about fifteen countries over recent years. As a planned auxiliary language, it is easier to learn and use than national tongues.

    - Bill Chapman at 08:35 PM, Apr 03, 2012     Permalink

  2. I think it’s a great idea.

    The anthem in Esperanto can be heard here

    Brian Barker at 09:49 PM, Apr 03, 2012     Permalink

  3. Learning and using Esperanto is a choice that should be encouraged. It’s easier to learn than national languages, and kids who learn it as a first foreign language learn other languages faster and more easily than other kids. Plus it’s fun for adults even if they chosse to sing their national anthem in the national loanguageQ

    - Julie Spickler at 12:19 AM, Apr 09, 2012     Permalink

  4. The idea to use the language Esperanto when singing the european anthem is already long overdue. Please, legislate it right now.

    - Milan Sveda at 05:55 AM, Apr 09, 2012     Permalink

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