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Language: Russian

  • Apr 23, 2012
  • 05:15 PM

Právo: Czechs learn other foreign languages besides English

Prague Daily Monitor
Almost all young Czechs know some English now compared with the early 1990s and the latest experience shows that the knowledge of one more foreign language is an advantage on the job market, depending on business trends that now put emphasis on Spanish, Russian and Chinese, daily Pravo writes Friday.
  • Apr 22, 2012
  • 04:30 PM

I Learned to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years: Here's How

Gabriel Wyner / Lifehacker
Lifehacker reader Gabriel Wyner was tasked with learning four languages in the past few years for his career as an opera singer, and in the process landed on "a pretty damn good method for language learning that you can do in limited amounts of spare time." Here's the four-step method that you can use, too (and you don't have to invest hundreds in a language course like Rosetta Stone).
  • Apr 20, 2012
  • 02:41 AM

Selling Russian to the Russians

Kanstantsin Lashkevich / Belarus Digest
Belarusians have the weakest national self-identification in the former Soviet Union and its authoritarian ruler Aliaksandr Lukashenka is happy to pursue pro-Moscow cultural policy in exchange for cheap Russian gas and oil. The most recent manifestation of such policy was a letter from the presidential administration urging local authorities "not to allow artificial reduction of the use of the Russian language".
  • Apr 09, 2012
  • 05:36 PM

Armenia’s Communists favor country’s children to attend Russian schools
...In his words, Armenia’s current education system does not teach a necessary amount of Russian language to the children. At the same time, however, the Communists demand that the teaching level of Armenian—the country’s official language—be raised in schools.
  • Apr 08, 2012
  • 03:29 PM

Russian language teaching in India

Tatyana Perova, Elena Shtapkina / Russia & India Report
Russian studies in India have always been dependent on close cooperation with Russian specialists. For many years, New Delhi’s top universities boasted Russian language departments with native Russian teachers. They assisted their Indian counterparts in developing curricula and mastering the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.
  • Apr 05, 2012
  • 12:35 PM

Is It Possible for English-Mongolian Bilingualism?

Siarl Ferdinand / UB Post
Seven years ago, President Ts.Elbegdorj shocked Mongolians by announcing that the nation would become bilingual, with English as the second language. Mongolian is a relatively small language, landlocked between two international giants, Russian and Chinese. As Elbegdorj pointed, English would be the definitive tool to open windows on the wider world.
  • Apr 04, 2012
  • 08:18 PM

Let's Talk About Privacy (but not in Russian or Hindi)

David Talbot / Technology Review
The world is increasingly talking about privacy these days. But when people try to read the actual privacy policies of major social networking sites – they often must do so in English.
  • Mar 29, 2012
  • 06:52 PM

European residents to speak their native tongs

Alexandra Zakharova / The Voice of Russia
On April 1 EU countries start collecting signatures in support of a referendum on equalizing the status of state languages and the languages of ethnic minorities. For the first time Europeans will use the right of civil initiative: since its foundation in 1952, the EU is to conduct its first pan-European referendum.
  • Mar 26, 2012
  • 08:08 PM

Does This Language Make Me Look Fat?

Daisy Sindelar / RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
One of the first things Regiina Nohova had to learn when she moved to the Czech Republic was how to open her mouth wider when she spoke. As a native-born Estonian, she simply wasn't in the habit. "In Estonia, we speak slowly," she said. "We almost don't open our mouths when we speak. We don't have to articulate the words. It's our nature. It's colder there, and people spend more time inside, and that's why we're like this.
  • Mar 19, 2012
  • 08:56 PM

Tymoshenko Lashes Out at Yanukovych over 'Holy' Language Issue

RIA Novosti
Jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko denounced on Monday President Victor Yanukovych’s promise to make Russian an official language along with Ukrainian as a political trick intended to boost popular support for his Party of Regions ahead of parliamentary elections.
  • Mar 19, 2012
  • 05:19 PM

President: No 'language' problems in Ukraine

"There were periods in our state, when there were faults in language problems. Now, I would say, they are absent, and we don't have such a problem. And today people propose that we do not raise this question again, which arises from elections to elections, and it has to be adjusted at the legislative level, in view of the current world practices that you mention....
  • Mar 09, 2012
  • 04:39 PM

'Swedish is the world's richest language': Swede

Oliver Gee / The
This is a common argument, I later learnt, that ‘compounding’ languages are often considered the richest due to their potential word count. In this group you can find mostly Germanic based languages, such as Danish and Dutch – but also Turkish, and even many of the Indian languages. But is this really an indication of anything other than spacebar laziness?
  • Mar 07, 2012
  • 02:52 PM

Is There Too Much English on the Internet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Zoe Fox / Mashable
The amount of Arabic on the Internet — 3% of all sites in 2011 — has increased by 2500% since 2000. Similarly, Russian’s current 3% share is up 1800% in the last decade. China added more Internet users in three years than people in the U.S. And China, India, Iran, Nigeria and Russia have added the most new Internet users in the last five years.
  • Mar 07, 2012
  • 11:49 AM

Armenia hosts World Russian Language and Literature Contest

Vestnik Kavkaza
The contest is to popularize Russian language as an instrument of interethnic communication. Gurgen Barikyan, Executive Director of the Russian Education and Methodology Center of Russian Language, PhD in Pedagogue Sciences, informed pupils, students and Russian language teachers about the rule and terms of contest.
  • Feb 29, 2012
  • 08:19 PM

Latvian referendum is not the last echo of Soviet occupation

R. Valatka / The Lithuania Tribune
What’s the number of state schools in Russia offering education exclusively in Udmurt, Chuvash, Yakut, or Chechen language? Alternatively, let’s put it thus, if you will: How many state schools in Germany instruct only in Kurdish, Turkish or Serbian? Latvia, meanwhile, has around a hundred exclusively Russian schools. That is one of the reasons why Russians there can get away so easily without knowing a word of Latvian.
  • Feb 29, 2012
  • 03:37 PM

Russia will seek official EU status for Russian language

The Voice of Russia
Russia will be urging the EU to grant the Russian language official status, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.
  • Feb 20, 2012
  • 11:38 AM

Latvians Reject Russian in Language Poll

The Wall Street Journal
RIGA, Latvia—Latvian voters resoundingly rejected a proposal to give official status to Russian in a referendum on Saturday. With over 93% of ballots counted, 75 percent of voters said they were against Russian as a national language, according to the Central Election Commission results.
  • Feb 18, 2012
  • 01:18 PM

Latvia votes: Is Russian our language, too?

The Missoulian
Protecting the Latvian language _ that is, safeguarding its supremacy over Russian _ has been a priority here since the Soviet occupation ended two decades ago. Those efforts face their biggest test yet on Saturday, in a referendum on whether to make Russian the country's second official language.
  • Feb 18, 2012
  • 01:15 PM

Latvia: The Hot Month of February

Karina Pētersone / Baltic Review
Amidst a heated European debate of how best to emerge from financial difficulties, debt, and lowered credit ratings, as well as what conditions and sanctions the inter-governmental financial discipline agreement should contain, Latvia has been thrown into a pre-referendum debate. Tons of emotions have been splashed around.
  • Feb 17, 2012
  • 02:20 PM

Siri may get Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language support in March

Rue Liu / SlashGear
According to a report by Chinese technology website DoNews, Apple is preparing its Siri intelligent voice-controlled assistant feature to support Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. The update is expected to arrive for the iPhone 4S sometime next month.
  • Feb 16, 2012
  • 12:53 PM

Russian language passion gaining momentum in Latvia (audio)

Alexandra Zakharova / The Voice of Russia
The forthcoming referendum on the status of the Russian language in Latvia is in danger. Latvian MPs started to dispute its legitimacy in the Constitutional Court a month before the nationwide voting. The Court has been asked to decide whether or not the referendum will be held before the 20th of February.
  • Feb 16, 2012
  • 10:59 AM

Great Russia's divine nationalistic mission

Otto Ozols / Latvians Online
Overall, the Russian Empire collapsed twice precisely because of its unreasonable Russian language policies. For many decades, for innumerable people, this was the language of the occupiers. It symbolizes oppression, reprisals and arrogance. People do understand that it isn’t reasonable to blame common Russians or the language itself. Even so…
  • Jan 13, 2012
  • 12:13 AM

Any words against Russian official language status in Kyrgyzstan will lead to protests and riots – Irina Karamushkina

Darya Podolskaya / 24
As the People’s Deputy noted Kyrgyz language must be developed but not at the expense of Russian language which has the official status. “This is the civic rights violation against Russian-speaking nationals,” said Irina Karamushkina.
  • Jan 11, 2012
  • 04:34 PM

Referendum to determine the status of Russian language in Latvia

The Voice of Russia
On February 19, Latvia will hold a nationwide referendum on whether to make Russian the country’s second official language. According to Latvia’s Central Election Commission, for the Russian language to acquire this status, more than one half of Latvia’s residents, which makes about 772 thousand people, must vote for it.
  • Jan 10, 2012
  • 12:50 PM

Language Intolerance in Ukraine

Alexander J. Motyl / World Affairs Journal
How does the actual linguistic condition in Ukraine measure up against the ideal? Not as bad as you might think. The vast majority of Ukrainian speakers are proficient in and tolerant of Russian; if and when speakers of Ukrainian encounter speakers of Russian, most are more than happy to hear Russian and even speak it. That is as true of Lviv as it is true of Kyiv and Donetsk.
  • Jan 09, 2012
  • 11:01 PM

Russian language teaching blossoms in India

Tatiana Perova / Russian & India Report
Russian studies in India have been proactively developing for some time. The number of Indians studying Russian has been growing, as is the number of Russian-language classes. Delhi hosted three international forums in November alone.
  • Dec 27, 2011
  • 10:32 AM

The adventures of the Russian language in Latvia

Vadim Trukhachev / Pravda
What are the chances of success of the referendum on giving the Russian language the official status? Let us look at the ethnic map of the country. Today Latvians make up nearly 60 percent of the population, and there are virtually no Russian speakers among them. However, Russian-Latvian residents are registered as Latvians. It is hard to say what their percentage is, but they may be voting "yes."
  • Dec 26, 2011
  • 02:25 PM

Moldova’s Autonomy wants to speak Russian

The Voice of Russia
The head of Moldova’s Gagauz Autonomy Mikhail Formuzal has proposed making Russian the second official language to protect interests of the Russian minority there and contribute to the solution of the Transdniestria conflict.
  • Dec 26, 2011
  • 01:25 PM

Saeima stops bill to make Russian official; issue heads to referendum

Andris Straumanis / Latvians Online
As expected, the Saeima has rejected a bill that would amend Latvia’s constitution to make Russian an official state language. The Dec. 22 vote was a formality, because regardless of the parliament’s decision the issue must now be put to a national referendum. One of the paragraphs the bill would change establishes Latvian as the state language, and that constitutional provision may only be amended through a referendum.
  • Dec 22, 2011
  • 01:16 AM

Venice Commission lambastes “language bill”

Ihor Samokysh / The Day Weekly Digest
The European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) has announced after examining the bill that it does not have enough guarantees for the usage and protection of the Ukrainian language. Although the draft law no longer focuses on the Russian language, it ensures that the latter has the same status as does Ukrainian.