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Language: Chiquitano

  • Apr 22, 2012
  • 06:34 PM

Languages: The Digital Sounds of Bésiro (Chiquitano) (audio)

Eddie Avila / Global Voices Online the city of Santa Cruz, a group of young linguists led by Ignacio Tomicha Chuve, has started a project called Monkox Bésiro as a way to put the Bésiro (Chiquitano) language on the digital map. This language is spoken the Chiquitano people in several provinces in the Santa Cruz and Bení departments with estimates that between 20,000-60,000 speakers still remain.
  • Jan 03, 2012
  • 02:17 PM

Singing the National Anthem in their Own Language (video)

Eddie Avila / Global Voices Online
It was not until 1999 at a match against England, when one of the two official national anthems, “God Defend New Zealand” was presented in a new format with the first verse sung in the Māori language and the second verse in English. Both are official languages of New Zealand, but English is more widely spoken and more widely understood.