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April 2012

Medical scanner to reveal how brain processes languages
Gaza's Hamas rulers to introduce Hebrew
What does cheese have to do with preserving languages? (audio)
Foreign languages - Russian army officers’ weapon
The Future of Chinese Language Education
Odisha Government not interested in Sambalpuri Language
Next year in Hebrew
New centre for study of translation set up
Právo: Czechs learn other foreign languages besides English
Small Effort, Better Maltese! A new book by Charles Saliba
Coushatta Tribe strives to revive native language (video)
New Native Language App Starts Small, WIth Animal Names in Four Tongues
Languages: The Digital Sounds of Bésiro (Chiquitano) (audio)
Only right people can develop Urdu language: Dr Durrani
Ancient language controls crime rings (video)
Language students build bridges between two continents
Study: Interpreters in ER limit medical errors
Timor Leste, Tetum, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia or English?
Pidgin Language Book Launched In Abuja
Language shoots are still growing
Saving a "dying" laguage thru song
'Bahasa rojak affecting Malay language'
Irish celebrities practice their sign language for Limerick exhibition
UN celebrates Chinese Language Day
President responding to people's wishes through Trilingual SL
I Learned to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years: Here's How
The literary festival breathing life into the Welsh language
24% of Web Content is Now in Chinese, Will Soon Surpass English [Infographic]
Belgium's German-speaking cantons ponder their position
Best translator apps for Windows Phone
Tanzanians debate if English is key to success
Quebec town in trouble over bilingual newsletter (video)
Selling Russian to the Russians
The language that became a mighty weapon
Linguists grapple with lack of formal major, a blessing and a curse
In the shade
Proposals aim to preserve Louisiana French
In Swahili, they call it ...
Best Apps to Learn a Language
French language activists find 850 violations in Montreal
Marae hosts Hawaiian scholar's lu'au
My education, my language
Interpreting error leads to £25,000 retrial costs
Face to face with a new language
Gaelic for toddlers plan welcomed
The rock hyrax surprises with syntax skills (audio, video)
Hungarian minority wants Magyar to become official regional language in Romania in 20 years
Livery cab drivers who want to pick up street hails don't have to know English
Eish, it's definitely English
Wayzata students learning Spanish outside of school
Kurds Push for their Rights in New Turkish Constitution
Researcher: State English learner program is 'subtractive education' (audio)
Graduate students in linguistics leaving legacy for speakers of endangered and quirky language of Garifuna
'No obstacle for Turkey to run in Eurovision with a Kurdish song'
International language conference lands in Leeds
Saving the native tongues of Australia (video)
Students captivate audience in Moscow at Turkish Olympiads
Reading time at the zoo: the baboons that excel at English
Startup of the day: Travelling Languages
Why My Daughter Isn't Bilingual — Yet
Celebrating the future of Georgian language
SOU prof tries to invent a new word daily for 2012
Rwanda: Can Kinyarwanda Be Cured of Foreign-Language Infection?
Sweden Adopts a Gender-Neutral Pronoun
Police corruption case highlights Belgium's language laws
Mandarin becoming the second language of luxury
Conditions Are Perfect For Bilingual Education - So Why Is It In Decline?
New wellness center hosts first Pomo language workshop
Want to get ahead this century? Learn an Asian language
Watton man teaches Norfolk dialect to students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Timor-Leste’s Language Policy: The Boulder On The Shoe – Analysis
Western Armenian Is Nearing Extinction
Labour pulps 5,000 Cardiff council election leaflets criticising Welsh language
German in a Multicultural World
Helping to maintain Mi'Kmaw culture
Government Prepared To Consider Teaching Of Punjabi Language In Schools - Muhyiddin
Maltese speech synthesiser ready to go
Plaid Cymru’s Image 2: Welsh-speakers inhabit a networked community
Ojibwe iPad app brings language to world
Fighting to keep Mohawk language alive
Opinion: Anglos have seen the enemy, and it is us
The unique dialects of Appalachia give the mountain people their identity
Ni Riada is Sinn Fein's Irish language officer
Under Threat of Extinction
First Complete Bible in Inuktitut Language to be Published in the Arctic
Legislature approves council on Native Languages
Rare language also under threat in Straits of Hormuz
Should Israeli Science Speak Hebrew?
Pangasinan Day to feature local orthography
A history of Hollywood's invented languages
Don't tamper with the way people talk
'British Raj promoted Urdu'
Low-skill immigrants to face mandatory language test, Kenney announces
Recap: Language creator David Peterson on 'The Next List'
Twitter Gets Help from SLU Prof on How to Deal With Indigenous Tweeters
International Arabic language conference to discuss its future
South Sudan: Is Arabic Language a Bouncing Ball About to Take Its Place Amongst Local Languages?
Samoans challenged to use language more
British judges, Lithuanian defendants, and Google Translate
Welsh-only education will damage economy, say business leaders
Translators fight the fatal effects of the language gap
Donegal's radio pioneer celebrates historic anniversary
Volunteers needed: Hawaiian typing project (video)
Language skills are being lost in translation
Living Tongues: Endangered Language Technology Kits To The Rescue (video)
Hishuk Ish Tsawalk: Everything is One
Waiting for Beckett with Irish in Focus
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Borain Picard
Ordinary Quebecers, not bureaucrats, are the true guardians of French
Call to protect dying Indigenous languages (audio)
Bursary supports Gaelic-language education in Scotland
Ghana calls an end to tyrannical reign of the Queen's English
At home in Chinese
Thai language course offers Cambodian students better hopes for the future
Interpreter service 'disrupting court work'
Trilingual kids who will never be tongue-tied
At National Visioning Consultation, District 15 Citizens Want Kpelle as National Language
India's teachers face 'native-only' bar
Members united as language group marks anniversary
Daniel Everett: lost in translation
Apartheid had mercy on indigeneous languanges
EO urges use of standard English
Using social media as a language learning tool
'There is no new Hebrew without ancient Hebrew'
Australian linguicide - Des Crump (audio)
Do Moroccans Speak Arabic?
China to boost overseas Chinese-language education
Armenia’s Communists favor country’s children to attend Russian schools
Youths come forward to fill up Odia Wikipedia
Tribes embrace native names to preserve culture
Prisoners' Interest in Learning Estonian on the Increase
'Welsh is a wonderful gift': speakers of the language relish new support
Declan Lynch: Overwhelmingly, we Irish prefer the lie
Poor Arabic language curriculum, teaching plague education system
Why Should We Keep Tribal Languages Alive?
VIista Latina: Fusion of English and Spanish along the border creates a distinct dialect
Russian language teaching in India
Bilingual fairytale
Soon, Konkani set for a tongue lashing
Councillors agree to Gaelic language plan
Preserving Aymara language and culture on Wikipedia
Keeping languages alive: A different kind of conservation
Portuguese-language courses prove highly popular
Khasi withdrawn from UNESCO's languages in danger list
DW Baig: Tunes from the valleys
Ancient Language Lives on Thanks to UVa Linguist
KP to hold World Pashto Convention
First Language Attrition: Why my parents and I don't speak the same language (audio)
Immersion students win trophies at language fair
Braille translator at work in Brookings
Kagera residents urged to promote Kiswahili
Debate increases over necessity of English language in Thailand
Jordan- Sign language training helps teachers better engage students
Hebrew language, key in Israel education
Tackling dyslexia before kids learn to read
DARPA grant to support research into auto-translation of Chinese
Cadets of Chail military school to learn Dragon's language
Lost in translation
Is It Possible for English-Mongolian Bilingualism?
Navajo Code Talkers
La Quinta translator has an ear -- and voice -- for eight languages
Students queue up for degree in Assamese
Saskatoon meter readers work to overcome language barriers (audio)
Death To The Space Bar (video)
Speakers of France’s endangered languages demand recognition
English: The mongrel language
Keeping the Ladino Language Alive Through Music
Let's Talk About Privacy (but not in Russian or Hindi)
Hazel's remarkable work in Argentine Welsh community
Lingua franca of S.Africa's mines set to fade slowly
Making sense of the census
Professor Discusses Babies’ Language Skills
Silesian to become official language in Poland?
Capturing the Wajarri language brings joy to elders
ICHR to launch project to teach fading classical languages
American Indian students perform during Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (video)
Business and the Welsh language
BZH New York organized in New York a conference to defend regional languages in France
Link to Haida culture preserved through photo, audio exhibit at Bill Reid Art Gallery
It's no surprise that anglos don't share a nationalist vision
Overcoming a language barrier in my own country
Cherokee translator making up for lost time
US Demand for Portuguese Increasing
Doctoral student travels to Madagascar to document dialect
Esperanto lovers blaze trail on new EU petition
Iranian typography exhibit to celebrate Georgian mother tongue day
Bilinguals switch tasks faster than monolinguals, NIH funded study shows
Minister Launches Líofa In Carntogher
German Political Scientist: I Speak Belarusian at Home
Hindi 'Encouraged' In Tufts University
Vernacular language teaching contributes to country's development
Labour calls for inquiry into Pacific language education
Is there a Seattle accent?
Romancing the bone
700 sites set up for language students
Spelling policy requested
Sanskrit centre struggles to stay alive
Two languages, one roof: a chance for learning
Sparrows Change Their Tune to Be Heard in Noisy Cities
Jared Diamond On the Death of Multilingualism and the Birth of Klingon
Linguist Tells 'The Story Of English In 100 Words' (audio)
50,000 people claiming for regional languages rights in France
Urdu declared official language in Bengal
Call to teach Kaurna at every city school
Next for Siri: Language Translation?
Culture Ministry revamps Korean language-learning website
Welsh Language Commissioner starts work with new powers (video)
The computer finds its voice... in true Maltese
Education researcher Ayan Ceyhan: Elective Kurdish course offers too little
A guide for Northern New Mexico diction
Indigenous language dictionary launched
Amazing 'talking' dictionary project helps preserve Ojibwe language
Alliance Francaise club celebrates French language, culture
Opinion: We need to save languages as well as species
Spreading word on native tongue
Vietnam wants India to train English teachers
Now, chat or mail in Odia
Tamil language festival 2012 kicks off today
Egypt announces: Hieroglyphics to replace Arabic script
Enclave of "extinct" Gaulish speakers discovered in France
Student swallows tongue in Arabic attempt
New website to feature 1939 Smoky Mountain field recordings of Appalachian speech
‘Trip of the Tongue’ explores languages in the United States
Turkey’s Laz community demands protection of cultural, linguistic rights

March 2012

Which tongues work best for microblogs?
Dewi Sant church in Toronto looks to Wales for minister's job
The best French teacher for anglos is life experience
Volume is no guarantee
Keeping Inuit Students Engaged: School Programs Incorporate Inuktitut, Day Care (video)
Searching for speech technology's holy grail
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Lingua Franca Nova
Google Launches Translator Toolkit, Makes It Easier To Bridge The Language Gap In Your Apps
W.Va. courts to showcase remote language interpreter system for judges from 8 states, DC
Use Of Arabic Language For Official Correspondence Banned In EES
Interest drops in Turkey’s minority language courses
Wikipedia Co-Founder Adding More African Languages
Quebec government tells language watchdog: bite more often
Write Angle — India versus Bharat
Cree language being lost as people migrate to urban areas
The language of assimilation
Budget Holds Good News for Quebec's English-language Minority Groups
Protesters support regional languages
Shanghaihua recorded in studio for posterity
It's only words
Truths and Misconceptions about Multilingualism: The 23 EU Languages
Oji-Cree, Ojibwe languages getting stronger
Saving Endangered Languages
App may help autisic children speak
Konkani foundation gets Rs 1.5 cr dole from State government
Census 2011: 1.77m say they are able to speak Irish
European residents to speak their native tongs
Attendant gets job back
Dene Languages Apps
Pencae will become a Welsh language institution
France a 'rogue state' on regional languages
Woosh kaanáxh gaxhtuda.aat: Conference convenes in Sitka
Yiddish translator preserves key piece of culture
Georgian Students Opting For English In Foreign Language Test
Quebec sovereigntists sound language alarm, again, over poll
Cockney rhyming slang's brown bread: Phrases are being replaced with text speak
IT insiders see huge potential for growth in Arabic apps
A new serif in town: The fonts used on London's signs and shops have an army of fans
Gov’t should be committed to French studies – Prof Kuupole
In immersion foreign language learning, adults attain, retain native speaker brain pattern
Votes and Vowels: A Changing Accent Shows How Language Parallels Politics
Verbal abuse against Urdu speakers must be stopped: Altaf
Hogan moves to plug Irish language gaps in Household Charge law
Mash-up aids translation of obscure languages
Transform Malayalam into modern language: historian
Telugu Wiki crosses 50,000 articles
English Language No Longer an Issue, Teachers Say
Boost for Welsh language skills with success at interpreters' exam centre
Gaelic chat get-together
New Languages Democratising Social Media in the Middle East
First Nations leader stresses languages
Blackburn teacher wants sign language lessons for all
Our View: Give immigrants chance to gain English skills
Maori Language Commission seeks cash boost
This Czech is a Gujarati 'type'
Tribal language
The Laguages of Sri Lanka: A Model for national unity
“Greeks and Greek Language in Venice 2012″ Events by Ca’ Foscari University
UK to host world Telugu meet
Is the Chamorro language dead?
April 1-7, 2012 Proclaimed Heritage Language Awareness Week
Joburg courts face foreign languages problems
Book launch today
Parlez Vous Francais? It Might Boost Brain Power (audio)
Census study shows Caithness's Gaelic past
A Picture of Language
Facing Challenges as Dual-Language Programs Grow
Korean language classes thrive in Ridgefield, Palisades Park
New trilingual charter school coming to Scottsdale (video)
Thanking the Translators
Promoting the use of Welsh in local shops and businesses
An In-depth Examination Of The Phrase "I Dunno"
Does This Language Make Me Look Fat?
BYU professors developing language app for London Olympics
The Globe interviews Jaffer Sheyholislami at Diyarbakir Kurdish Language Conference
Sam Sullivan's 'greeting fluency' program aimed at bridging cultures and building community
La Francophonie celebrated in Seychelles
Will we ever... talk to the animals?
Our wordly heritage makes the grade
Stop Playing Games With Bilingual
Translation service changes lives
‘Character’ Study: Author Ellen Cushman is Fascinated With Cherokee Writing
Book Strips Away the Myth Surrounding the Cherokee Syllabary
Tablets that support 23 Indian languages launched
Chancellor gives green signal for Tulu courses
English as She is Spoke
Speaking English: What's to be afraid of?
The Pros and Cons of Cyber-English
TIMOR-LESTE: When do mother tongues divide?
Japanese language contest held
Why we have so much to thank the activists for
Call to make Tamil compulsory subject for Indian students
Interest in French language might be waning, but the ambassador has a plan
Native Languages Bill Takes Another Step Forward
L'actualité of living in Montreal
French magazine takes young Anglos to task
Text messages provide deaf with new means of communication
English a minority language in 1600 UK schools
More to the Story on Dual-Language Immersion
Olympic flame burns for young linguists
Diplomat lauds history of Arabic language, literature
Rick Santorum's new culture war front: Official English
Students learn Chinese via remote teachers in Spring-Ford
Angry Words: Will one researcher's discovery deep in the Amazon destroy the foundation of modern linguistics?
Bulgarians in Moldova Cry Foul, Beg Sofia for Help
The innate ability to learn language
An app for Ojibway language
The Man From DARE
Manifesto details Arabic in crisis, new council formed in Beirut to promote language
Dead end for African languages?
Microsoft Launches First Machine Translator For Hmong
When the alphabet is not the problem
Harper Government Invests in Manitoba's Francophone Community
Surprise at number of parents speaking Maori
English Language Fleeing 'Anglophone' South Sudan (part I)
Schulz tells Mas he will “work hard” to permit the use of Catalan at the European Parliament
What foreign language do students most want to learn?
Don't destroy the dialect!
Dual-language school programs growing in popularity
Opening doors, minds through sign language
All children should learn foreign languages, say peers
Preemies can lag in language later on: study
Program seeks to recover Afognak's lost Alutiiq words
Teachers urged to learn local language
How Do You Say 'Disagreement' in Pirahã?
Welcome to Canada, But Only if You're Fluent
Lawmakers Consider Olelo Hawaii Month Designation
11 graduates trained to teach ailing Tsuu T'ina language
Obama Sign Language Surpris : What Other Languages Does He Know? (video)
Korean Language Institute Celebrates Its 200th Graduation Ceremony
In which brain do you read?
PENINSULA REFLECTIONS: Bringing SENĆOŦEN back from the brink
Oromo: Language Rights Not Respected In Schools
Spanish language classes help open the door to English for many Mexican immigrants to city
Statements On The Occasion Of The Journee Internationale De La Francophonie
Now playing: Bard in 37 languages
The Armenian-Speaking Muslims of Hamshen: Who Are They? (video)
Emotional Expression in Music and Speech Share Similar Tonal Properties
UK journalists held in Libya after Welsh mistaken for Hebrew (video)
The importance of bilingual care delivery
Deal on French at Olympics to be signed in Quebec
When Your Mouth Betrays You: The Science and Psychology Behind Slips
Speech therapy needed to cut re-offending rates
Alliance Francaise kickstarts Francophonie celebrations
Jersey native language translation for Facebook
BBC Radio Cymru job cuts are 'body blow' to Welsh language
On-line Kiswahili teaching pays well
If Bilingual Is Good, Is Trilingual Better?
“Game of Thrones” is all talk to UCSD graduate
Minnesota's 'forgotten Tolkien' died Friday
Can Speech-Recognition Software Work in Mandarin?
Pen pal program connects Cherokee youth
Google gives us some insight on the inner workings of Google Translate (video)
The signs of silence: deaf Inuit learn ASL
Tymoshenko Lashes Out at Yanukovych over 'Holy' Language Issue
Are Some Brains Better at Learning Languages?
Welsh Primary Schools Win National Language Awards
Q & A with K. David Harrison on Groundbreaking “Talking Dictionaries”
March 31st demonstration for France's "regional" languages
Chinese hoping ticket out of China is French class
President: No 'language' problems in Ukraine
Future promise drives english-medium trend
Selling Spanish Immersion: Why Spanish?
Preserve Kinyarwanda Language, Says Academic
Massive Tibetan student protest again over switch to Chinese language education
A language barrier for the 21st century
Contest helps keep Chamorro language alive
'Language Test' Protester Wins Free Aer Lingus Flights
European Speech and Language Therapy Day 2012
'Corruption of language is no cultural heritage'
French Language teaching revolutionized in Tanzania
A right to speak in many tongues
Mother tongue is essential for language learning
Can you learn to speak a new language in 10 days? Sure, when pigs fly
Making sense of the language confusion (audio)
Modesto City Schools grapples with teacher language requirements
Language preservation helps American Indian students stick with college
Millions of pounds spent on Government department translations
Why Bilinguals Are Smarter
100 Years of Hindi
London 2012: Francophones insist all every sign and leaflet at the Olympic should be translated into French
Armenian language courses launched in Turkish province
Experience: I can speak 50 languages
Can foreign speakers help the Irish language survive? (video)
Hoa ethnic language put on school curriculum
Piece of San culture has died along with Una Rooi
NSU students read in Cherokee with immersion students
Two languages are better than one for immigrants’ health, study finds
Minister says 'non' to axing Manx lessons ahead of French
Portraying Heritage Language Speakers
Puerto Rico Statehood: Santorum Backpedals from English Comment (video)
Hold Your Tongue: Yoruba in the Diaspora
I speak Punjabi (but my kids might not)
Are We “Meant” to Have Language and Music?
History of the English language celebrated at University of Leicester
Irish language on St Patrick's Day parade flag prompts unionist boycott
More young Roma continue studies
CTMR starts project to train Siddha practitioners to decode ancient palm leaf manuscripts
Gifts celebrates Ireland's 1st written language
Planet Word [book review]
Language: The Cultural Tool by Daniel Everett – review
ECJ sticks to English for polls
“Language disorder” trouble warned for children learning many languages
Seminar on 'linguistics sans languages' at QAU
The return of the mother tongue
Jewish, Muslim scribes keep calligraphy art alive
Indigenous Language and AI/AN Student Success
Promoting te reo through music
Foregoing French and giving up German: Are 'new' languages the answer? (video)
Digital spell-checking may be killing off words
National Anthem Strikes A Chord In Iraq
"Two sessions" sign language sends good signals
Demand for Gaelic in Glasgow
Indigenous Focus: Chilean Government Announces Additional Initiatives to Save Indigenous Languagese
Vocre Opens Up A World Of Languages For Free [Review]
Algerian graduates of Persian language receive certificates
More teenagers to take GCSEs in foreign languages
Keeping the Welsh language alive (video)
Esperantists to visit Ballarat
Santorum: English needed for Puerto Rico statehood
Nation honours Francophone Day
London Olympic Visitors Must Navigate Cockney Slang (audio)
Day of Circassian language celebrated in Tbilisi
No mother tongue here
Prevalence of voice disorders in Arab region expected to be over 6%
French Language Sweeps City
While English is becoming the norm, the number of new (artificial) languages is expanding
Former Peasant Language Celebrated at Schools Around the World
A language scapegoat is exiled to Toronto
Gendron: Huntingdon, Que., will not submit to language 'Taliban'
How should Shakespeare really sound? (audio)
How the QWERTY Keyboard Is Changing the Chinese Language
Smartphone App Wins Language Initiative Award
Elders share language and culture
Estonian Language Celebrated All Around the World on Mother Tongue Day
Happy Estonian Language Day!
English that's good enough
Hieroglyphics turn prisoner away from a life of crime
Back When America Was Multilingual
Oklahoma museum offers linguistics workshop focusing on indigenous communities
A Dialect is Preserved on Mother Tongue Day
FLAD: Portuguese language initiative for teachers and learners – Contest
Professor helps document African language for the first time
Users say Siri struggles in Japanese debut
Linguistic imperialism alive and kicking
Sheng Does Enrich English Language
Let creativity into the language class
The Writing on the Wall: Symbols from the Palaeolithic
Welsh language 'needs twice as much public money', says WLB
Kurdish language conference held in Diyarbakir
'Ditch Bac for rare languages' [France]
Three Maryland Counties Pushing For Official Language
The Scottish Prisoner's Ottawa connection
Wisdom in tongues
Arabic deserves a fair hearing in DIFC Courts
Na Puka Kula: Hawaiian Immersion Graduates
Education minister: Kurdish language course could be elective
New school teaches Karen immigrants their native language
Kohanga reo discrimination hearing opens
Understanding place and space in a decreasingly English world
Nunavut’s stance on bilingualism “nickel-and-dimeing Inuit:” MLA
It's the Wei of the future: BBC launches cartoon Mandarin lessons to prepare children for a Chinese-dominated global economy
Spaniards in passionate debate about “sexist” grammar
Indonesia: how to "speak" a deafness-plagued village's unique sign language (video)
Power to fine public sector bodies £5,000 for failing to use Welsh slammed as ‘tokenism’
Bilingual dictionaries to promote India's mother tongues
An Indigenous Language With Unique Staying Power
Adventures of Biolbó Baigín set out as Gaeilge in 'An Hobad'
Device to translate sign language
Initiative to standardise virtual keyboards
Run for your language!
Second generation Gaelic plan sets out council's ambitions
‘New charter should have no barriers to mother tongue education’
Of Words and Woods
Senegal: bad news for the French language
Regional unity 'lies in sharing languages'
A talented teen is speaking in many tongues
‘Use of scripts marker for one’s culture, identity’
Irish is spreading like a sexually transmitted disease
How does God's word sound? May depend on translation
Nia Parry out to get more people speaking Welsh in Hwb on S4C
Manx school celebrates (video)
Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language (audio)
Public Education Through Media award
Not all speak same language despite efforts in the chamber
Mind your languages
Language Plan and Tribal Efforts Praised
'Swedish is the world's richest language': Swede
With early education, Albania is becoming a multilingual society (audio)
Prisoner Martin Tate's Welsh-speaking ban lifted in telephone calls
Jürgen Trabant: English is smothering the great cultural languages
Crown fails us, says kohanga reo board
What kind of English should a Ghanaian speak?
The Hobbit to be published in Irish
CHamoru Language Competition "Inachá’igen Fino’ CHamoru 2012"
Holocaust survivor revives Jewish dialect by translating Greek epic
DA welcomes DAC's concession on Language Bill
Last Fluent Speaker Of Oregon Tribal Language 'Kiksht' Dies
Biologists Locate Brain's Processing Point for Acoustic Signals Essential to Human Communication
Senate Passes Bill to Protect Alaska Native Languages
Menominee and Polish: Native and immigrant languages
Mohawks seek recognition for WWII code talkers (audio)
South Sudan: Let Us Help These Students Learn English
Translating Twitter into languages read right to left isn't easy
Kader Khan designing courses for Arabic, Urdu speakers
Is the Korean language really an orphan?
Nannerch headteacher inspires Welsh language learning
Tunisia: Amazighs Push to Institutionalize Language and Culture
Irish spoken in some areas for 'first time since Famine'
Maori language - Emma and Barrett (audio)
English language ordinance brings nothing new
Oi Polloi - Scott's Gaelic anarchist punk
Bilingual approach 'destroys' Gaeltacht Irish
Te reo fits Shakespeare 'perfectly'
A Bird's Song May Teach Us About Human Speech Disorders
Gaelic dialects 'dying out', Edinburgh academic warns
The Right Type of Words: Words Spelled On Right Side of Keyboards Lead to More Positive Emotions
Tamil Language Rights in Sri Lanka – Part II
Indonesian Language Schools Note More Diverse Mix of Foreign Interest
'French language is sexist' feminists say
Huntingdon refuses order from language watchdog to be French-only
Dulac native celebrates Cajun language, heritage with book
Is There Too Much English on the Internet? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Eriksson: Belarusians Not Used to Hearing Belarusian Language
Let's replace road signs with Pictish stones
New approach urged for late-talking bilingual babies
Armenia hosts World Russian Language and Literature Contest
Google+ Now Available In Nine Indic Languages; No Transliteration Support
Reverend recognized for helping preserve aboriginal language
App helps blind to send text messages
Sheng ‘will be one of the most dominant languages in 2050’
Inmate Braille Program to Help the Blind Enters its 10th Year
High-tech system saves money for court, miles for translators
Tamil Language Rights in Sri Lanka – Part I
English Spoken Here
Larry Summers Is Wrong About Languages
Mangalore: Konkani Script Controversy
IndigiTUBE: Media Made By And For The Indigenous People In Remote Australia
Crisis-hit Spaniards, Italians in search of jobs cause boom in German language classes
Twitter Moves Right-To-Left, Adds Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Urdu
In Hebrew's revival, a Nordic people see hope
Irish language endangered by austerity measures
A modest revival for the Irish language (video)
Malay parents struggling to find schools that will teach their children English (audio)
12 major Phl languages to be used as mediums of instruction
Through the Language Glass [Book Review]
American Writer: Belarusian Language - Most Beautiful in the World
Make Gaelic official UK language, says MP
Film cycle celebrates Chabacano language at Instituto Cervantes de Manila
Rehmat Aziz Chitrali— the reigning father of the Khowar language
Cornish language using social media to stay alive
#Soda or #Pop? Regional Language Quirks Get Examined on Twitter
IPhone app teaches language and culture to Lakota children
Sugar Sammy’s ‘franglais’ show has Quebecers laughing in both languages
Good News, Spock—We're Getting Closer to a Universal Translator
Police let foreign crime suspects go due to lack of interpreters
Professor urges teaching of Ibaloi language
Foreign language major rates rise
What's the Irish for 'leave those kids alone'?
NGO working on a national literacy manifesto
Breathe life into Guam's language, culture
A Road Trip In Search Of America's Lost Languages (audio)
Bringing Hebrew to Kashmir
Inclusion of Banjara language in 8th Schedule sought
Urdu and the bilingual Pakistani
Tribal language students lay siege to RU
When My Eyes Serve My Stomach
Why Our Culture Is in Our Genes
NW tribes strive to save disappearing languages (video)
English Language Courses Flourishing in Erbil
Blackfoot class well received
New book teaching 'real spoken Welsh' set to upset grammarians
Trouble saving money? Drop English, speak German
Welsh schools speaking the right language for parents
ALECSO suggests more varsities teach science in Arabic
Use Cornish for Pirantide
Airwaves breathe new life into endangered ethnic languages
One Generation Away From Extinction of Chamorro Language (audio)
Scarborough monument to honour many languages spoken in Canada
Welsh Government launches new five-year Welsh language strategy
Bing Translation Learns Hmong Language
Something to kvetch about: Fewer speak Yiddish in South Florida
French loses ground to English, Arabic teeters on ledge
Robo-language the future?
Google Can Now Translate Esperanto
U.S. Pays $237,000 for Pashto Translators
Seachtain na Gaeilge events
New Issue of ODEG Greek Language Journal
Our language strategy is leaving us at a loss for the right words
Knowledge of Persian language to boost Pak-Iran ties: envoy
The hidden benefit of official-English laws
The Gaelic singer

March 2012

Cook Islands revives Te Kopapa Reo
Texting affects ability to interpret words
State Department to hold first Twitter briefing in Spanish
Assessments for Hawaiian Language Immersion Focus of Bill
University project creates cluster of Maori speakers
Windows Live Wave 5 to support 93 languages, doubling the current count
New restrictions on Christian worship in the Persian language: the faithful under pressure
Salafist Egyptian MP assails teaching English as foreign plot
$3.5M grant to study language learning in fragile X
Can Facebook Save A Dying Language?
Israel's Academy of the Hebrew Language declares war – on English
Parliament snubs national language rule
Latvian referendum is not the last echo of Soviet occupation
Girls' Verbal Skills Make Them Better at Arithmetic, Study Finds
New degree to boost te reo
Russia will seek official EU status for Russian language
Official tag inspires wordsmiths
As elders pass, Wind River Indian Reservation teachers turn to technology to preserve Shoshone language
Maya Language might be lost in two generations
Deaf children to have access to "native" sign language
Is Black English a Dialect or a Language? (audio)
Angola: Education Minister Recommends Cokwe Language Dictionary
Derbent hosts a conference on the study of native languages
Shanghai dialect fights to survive in modern China
Bill to bring Native American languages into local schools gets initial thumbs up at Capitol
Irish language social network launched
Predicting Children's Language Development
Language investigation launched at Iqaluit hospital
They’re, Like, Way Ahead of the Linguistic Currrrve
Filipino’s mothers
Australia rapidly losing Indonesian language skills (audio)
Beyond mistakes: Armenian linguists warn the neglecting of mother tongue will result in language loss
Revitalization Opportunities Abound for the Cherokee Language
Unique languages, universal patterns
Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair registration open
Mapuche: March for Mapuzungun Recognition
Funding awarded to Alderville community for language studies
Signs of progress
Gaeltacht status or bilingual signs – your choice
NMC to mark World Arabic Language Day
Wikipedia Now In Marathi, To Expand To 25 Indian Languages Soon
Hearing Metaphors Activates Brain Regions Involved in Sensory Experience
Kone Foundation grants EUR 6 million for language programme
Russian-Speaking Students Call for Changes in Estonian Teaching Methods
New course aims to supply 200 Maori immersion teachers by 2020
SENĆOŦEN language nest strives to revive traditional tongue
Bilingual Border Cities Challenge Movement To Make English The Official Language
3-day National Seminar on Structure of Contemporary Urdu begins at AMU
Wrexham chosen as bilingual town to promote Welsh language
East Timor to trial multilingual education (audio)
Spellbound text in old Irish finally yields to translation
Rural lawmaker wants council on Alaska Native languages
Tainan mayor urges UNESCO to recover Siraya tribal language
Scientists Decode Brain Waves to Eavesdrop On What We Hear
Art in Paradise: Getting Gaelic
Study: Vast majority of EU citizens are marginalized by dominance of English language
Whoopensocker dictionary of American dialect completed after 50 years
Hangeul and Its Inventor Get Global Academic Attention
Book speaks up for Indigenous language
Putting Maori stories into print
New Tlingit “encyclopedia” baffling to scholars, speakers
Researchers Rewrite Textbook On Location of Brain's Speech Processing Center
Wrexham pub hopes to encourage Welsh speakers
Korean expert fears jawi script increasingly being forgotten
First Turkish-Spanish/Spanish-Turkish dictionary with phonetic transcription presented at University of the Basque Country
U of A scientists know why the caged bird sings
Urban slang 'more logical' form of German
A pahticulah way of talking
Is the Texas twang history? (video)
Swansea University's Welsh Language Scheme approved
Je Speak Inuktitut
Ojibwe language goes online
Diné language conference draws dozens
Prof seeks key to language fluency
Teaching Method Exploits Similarities of Romance Languages
Varsity centre works on apps for Tamil
Battle of survival: Watching the tongues slip into extinction
Menominee Language Controversy (video)
Two years after Andaman tribe dies, another ‘faces extinction’ (video)
Prenatal Testosterone Linked to Increased Risk of Language Delay for Male Infants, Study Shows
Elder teaches Secwepemc
With the verve of words: Learning foreign languages in Iran
The rise of Maltenglish
Elders track lost Indigenous languages
Lost in translation
Speech Fillers Actually Improve Listener Recall
Private papers want Dzongkha out
Jersey language translation for Alice in Wonderland (audio)
Government to work harder to preserve endangered aboriginal tongues
Translation specialist set on preserving Cherokee language
Mother tongue
Bengali Language Day: Celebrating A Universal Human Right
On agenda: Armenian linguists say the state of mother tongue in the country should be improved
Border melts as India, Bangladesh celebrate Mother Language Day
Piecing together region's language puzzle (audio)
Pundits of Urdu fail to convince Senate to make it official language
Young children show gift for multiple languages, says U of C study
School an impetus: principal
First Nations want to keep language alive
Xhosa, Zulu being axed at state schools
Native American Language School Hopes To Save Dying Language (video)
North Coast tribes strive to keep Pomo language alive
Video: Digital Tools Help Save Endangered Languages - AAAS
Digital tools can save languages from extinction: Scientist
Latvians Reject Russian in Language Poll
Keeping Lakota alive
Cyber zoo to preserve endangered languages
Akaka commemorates ‘Month of the Hawaiian Language’
Trilingual Lanka, recipe for unity
How Americans Have Reshaped Language
Latvia votes: Is Russian our language, too?
Latvia: The Hot Month of February
Preserving a native tongue: Tribe works to maintain elders' language (video)
Expert: New York accent on the wane
Native American Languages Could Count For Class Credit
The advantage of ambiguity
Cambridge tech firm BBN lands Army contract to develop instant translation program
South Africa's Deaf Call For Sign Language To Be Made Official Language
Zimbabwe: Keeping Tonga Language Alive
Siri may get Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language support in March
Feds braced for lawsuit demanding official status for aboriginal languages: documents
Rare language stays alive in Wisconsin counties
Basque and Welsh: fighting to keep languages alive (video)
Out of Africa? Data fail to support language origin in Africa
CBSE drops Chinese after teachers fail to learn it
Professor's bequest revives Greek at Glasgow
Russian language passion gaining momentum in Latvia (audio)
Row erupts over language policy
Canadian researchers study text messages as language form
Kiwis split on teaching Te Reo - survey
Tunisians Debate Role of Arabic Language in National Politics
Video calls Basque-Americans to learn Basque, join the conversation
From frozen Lapland to Hebrew University
Great Russia's divine nationalistic mission
High-tech bid to save ancient Top End language
Indian languages losing their cyber-vitality
Alutiiq Language on the Mend (audio)
Australian researcher helping preserve PNG languages (audio)
Ecuador to start radio broadcasts in Amazonian languages
Some Bemidji classrooms to get Ojibwe name signs
Wear this glove to learn sign language (video)
Labour Party proposes law on public use of Croatian language
A New Era for Newry Gaels
Land of the Rising Zun: Yiddish to Japanese Dictionary Has 28,000 Entries
Students talk over new language plan
First Fanti Dictionary launched in Accra
UST collection of ancient scripts in ‘baybayin’ syllabary shown to public
Only in America? Republican candidates on hot seat for knowing foreign languages
Federal government getting out of the language training business
310 Indian Languages Are Near Extinction
Okla. man shares love of Choctaw language
Native Languages Stay Alive on Web
Sheffield's dictionary triumph
Icelandic sign language open to all on new website
Languages under threat as Sami migrate south
The worldliness of Maltese
Spotlight: Wilton's Latin & Greek Curriculum
International meet on TAM opens at CIIL

January 2012

The Loneliness of the Icelandic Translator
Endangered Alphabets
Any words against Russian official language status in Kyrgyzstan will lead to protests and riots – Irina Karamushkina
Language hurdle trips up Indonesian nurses
'We want to spread importance of Hindi on national level'
Activist Simon Brooks calls for new Welsh language pressure group
Mind your language
Comics and Jokes Are Serious Teaching Tools for Linguists
Call to promote Assamese language
Govt to step up efforts to promote ancient language Sanskrit
Omron smartphone app comes close to instantaneous text translations
US soldier who learned Irish on the internet is set for TG4
Armenian-language reporting gains steam
How My Kids Lost and Found Their Native Language
The History (and Future) of Braille
Ancient Language Gets Extended Life In Iraq
East Timor: A Former Colony Mulls the Politics of Teaching Portuguese
Study: Gestures help language learning
Can TG4 recapture some good feeling about Irish?
Džíny, hamburgry and komputry: is Czech under threat from English? (audio)
900 languages to be represented at Bhasha Vasudha
Tolkien And Made Up Languages From Fiction
Referendum to determine the status of Russian language in Latvia
Guernsey French beginners guide launched
First Aboriginal language graduates
Queens Libraries Speak the Mother Tongue
KP assembly passes bill to promote regional languages
Gingrich Sends an E-mail in Spanish, Asking for Support in Iowa
Last chance to comment on the Highland Council's Gaelic Language Plan
Town Asks Candidate to Prove English Proficiency
Hip-Hop Music as Language Instruction
How the Maltese heart beats
Isles varsity eyes being global Kiswahili centre of excellence
Irish language community slam merger of Language Commissioner
Finally -- even stocious loopers will be able to natter as Gaeilge
Language Intolerance in Ukraine
Call to protect Telugu language
Portuguese spelling reform takes effect
Welsh Language Society 'radical' change in 50th year
Cracking the Konkani code
Keep Chamorro language from dying
MPs want Sindhi as lingua franca
China develops minority language translation software
Bilingualism fund receives more than S$58m in donations
Adventures in Hyperpolyglottery: Inside the Mind of Extreme Language Learners (interview)
Mandatory Turkish puts Kurdish pupils at disadvantage
Russian language teaching blossoms in India
Literature the Ojibwe Way: Erdrich Sisters’ Wiigwaas Press Helps Preserve Ojibwemowin
Competition for Estonian-Latvian and Latvian-Estonian translation prize declared open
Language specialists racing to save Cherokee language
The Deafening Silence
The gift of tongues: What makes some people learn language after language?
Schools turn to Chinese language classes with help of Chinese government (audio)
There’s life left in the Norfolk dialect
Singing the National Anthem in their Own Language (video)
Preserving language a must, say experts
K.N.O. Dharmadasa - linguist who doesn't rest on his laurels
Cultivating culture for Tsartlip kids

December 2011

Spend a year with Pennsylvania Dutch
FNC tightens up translation bill
Children don't give words special power to categorize their world
President encouraging Georgian language amongst ethnic minorities in the regions
After Kim Jong Il’s death, a Korean language class shifts format
To promote democracy, artist taps into power of Egyptian dialect
'Sheng' dims 2011 KCPE performance in main languages
Arabic language flourishing in China
Resurrection of Kashmiri Language
This Book Will Teach You The Wookiee Language (video)
Jamaica's patois Bible: The word of God in creole (video)
China to open 251 schools in Tibet to teach Mandarin, Tibetan
Language divide rocks House, official status row breaks out
A Perspective on Students in India Using Their English Language Skills to Get Top Jobs
Karmapa reviving use of Sanskrit in spiritual order
He'll always have Paris
Nigerian journalists to be taught French
Achievements Abound for Native American Languages in 2011
Kosli Language: A Perspective on Its Origin, Evolution and Distinction
Go back to where I came from? What, Newport?
At Christmas, a Maronite Christian Village in Israel Revives the Language Spoken by Jesus Christ (video)
After Gaddafi, Libya's Amazigh demand recognition
The adventures of the Russian language in Latvia
Medicare agency to stop talking to immigrants in English
For Some, Learning English is Business
Attorney General drops police language appeal
Robert Easton dies at 81; Henry Higgins of Hollywood
YÖK allows Tunceli University to teach Kurdish-language classes
Moldova’s Autonomy wants to speak Russian
Saeima stops bill to make Russian official; issue heads to referendum
Mayor insists Montreal firmly French
A new script
Rare Cuneiform Script Found on Island of Malta
Reviving The Hawaiian Language
Will Pakistan's Language Be Lost in Texting Translation? (audio)
Gevalt! US college students lead surprise Yiddish revival
SA Languages Bill 2011 falls short - FW de Klerk Foundation
Twitter Adds Danish, Finnish, Norwegian And Polish, Now Supports 21 Different Languages
First Physical Evidence Bilingualism Delays Onset of Alzheimer's Symptoms
Folic Acid in Early Pregnancy Associated With Reduced Risk of Severe Language Delay in Children
Chinese is the new English
Distinguished Professor: Thomas G. Bever, Linguistics (video)
A Christmas tale that puts language in the picture
French resist new spelling rules
Israeli Arabs Enter Jewish Classrooms
Language, the basis of unity and conflict
Vatican hosts unusual Christmas Latin test
Venice Commission lambastes “language bill”
Apple's Siri Still Hates the British. And Southerners
Speak Any Language With New Real-Time Voice Translation
The Great Welsh Songwriters Strike
We should enthusiastically embrace French language in Louisiana
VIETNAM: Boosting education for ethnic minority children
Mwangwego script gets international recognition
Arohatia te reo theme for 2012 Maori language week 2012
Nepali Language day observed
Tribal languages: 90 teachers appointed
Chinese immersion schools growing in popularity
Mother Tongue
'Goan Liberation helped liberate Konkani language as well'
Guangdong Media Told to Apply to Talk Cantonese
English Needs No Protection
CM inaugurates Centre of Excellence for Kannada
Learning English remains a hard nut to crack
Language referendum to be pointless, but potentially harmful to Latvia
Irish language working for local businesses
Mom Turned Author Creates Aboriginal Children's Character
Lawmaker: Venice Commission approves of bill on language policy
Learn tourists’ languages – Masidi
Why Thailand's children need tablet computers
Judge Upholds Rule that Immigrants to UK Know English
Texting Glove for the hearing impaired (video)
Belgian Politician To Britain: You Snub EU, We Europeans Stop Speaking English
Irish language project beats target
'Ambitious' Gaelic plan welcomed by Education Committee
Technology To Bridge Language Barriers for Doctors, Patients
English-Hinglish, Angrezi-Fangrezi
English-only town triggers hot debate
'Common Turkic language does not mean loss of native languages by peoples'
Make learning te reo New Year's resolution
American Sign Language gets hands-down approval
Found in Translation: Professor Shares Japanese Literary Wealth Through Arduous Translation Projects
Word Play: The Language Wars
Slovakian startup Lingibli makes language learning QR code friendly
Merriam-Webster picks ‘pragmatic’ as Word of Year
Saeima votes against Harmony Center's “compromise amendments” on state language
'Korean language scientifically superior'
A Brief Guide to Fictional Languages in Literature
The Standard Akan Language
Attitude the main threat to local languages – professor
Great IDEA:International Dialects of English Archive Clocks One Million Hits Annually
National language policy: President wants total implementation
Google Translate Updated, Now Allows For Handwriting Recognition In Seven Different Languages
Salish Numbers Book Helps Kids Learn Native Language
Urdu language facing official apathy: State Cong Chief
Shelf-Promotion: Famed Novelist Louise Erdrich's Bookstore Stocks Great Native Books
If our future is in Europe, we have to talk the talk
UN in Armenia Marks Arabic Language Day
169 local languages likely to extinct: Researcher
Thousands speak out over languages-teaching cuts
IndigiTUBE an outback video star (audio)
Making a world of difference
Inter-language translation project taken up
‘A win for the Irish language’
Nollaig Shona Duit
Cost of Irish translation rises
Gallaudet University Opens New Brain and Language Laboratory
Giving evidence
New words are the new cool thanks to social media
From the Old Written to the New Spoken
Kyrgyzstan: Online Crowdsourcing Project Wades into Language Politics
Filipinos warned about unlicensed Norwegian language schools in country
Rosetta Throne: Learn to Speak Dothraki (audio)
Infographic Of The Day: America's Problem With Second Languages
Québec solidaire wants language law
Portugese man fired for not speaking Polish
Speakers Bureau keeps Cherokee language active
Signals are good as uni to offer sign language degree
A non-Creole Jamaica is a false concept
The Talkley Award – a word nerd's night of nights
Arizona has most Indian language speakers
Before leading PPP, Bilawal must learn Urdu, Sindhi
Concocted Languages to Make Other Worlds Feel Real (video, audio)
Sign language in curriculum urged
Syria plans Persian language and literature Olympiad
'Vocal Fry' Creeping Into U.S. Speech
‘Pulled up’ at McD’s for writing cheque in Maori
The ancient French dialect, patois, is now taught in Valais school (video)
Translator/interpreter becomes top profession for 2012
Dialects: Reveling in Linguistic Freedom
Elections officials grapple with new Native American language rule
The mechanism behind bilinguals' creativity
Babies Track Word Patterns Long Before Word-Learning Starts
Everyone Speaks Text Message
New head of Manx language teaching appointed
They're back: Quebec language debates revived as sovereignty movement recedes
Learning Klingon all in a day's work for actress
Romansh dialects carry the day in Graubünden
Survival of the fittest: Linguistic evolution in practice
Osun to establish Yoruba Academy
Gujaratis know the language of business; learn Chinese, Japanese
Ladino: The “other” Spanish, is dying but saved a life
Osh Mulls Ban on Uzbek-Language Schools
Moy Tir na nOgs involved in Irish Language revival
The value of classical languages
Yahoo Mail Adds Support for 8 Indian Languages, Too Late?
Book Review 222: Alphabeta: How 26 Letters Shaped the Western World
Guatemalan sets sights on translating the Web
Makers of Android keyboard SwiftKey get $2.4M for language technology
Island language in a sea of change (audio)
NSU offers Cherokee language program
NI minister wants 1,000 new Irish language speakers by 2015 (audio)
Wales 'losing 3,000 fluent Welsh speakers every year'
Yiddish classes to resume this coming spring
Design students immerse themselves in Gaelic
Learning support in Gaelic lacking, MSPs told
Harvesting learning from the Dakota Language Revitalization Citizen Health Action Team
City dialect to get voice on subway
Language revitalization through free software: the case of Aragonese
Language may be dominant social marker for young children
Immersion School approved for charter school
Our ancestors speak out after 3 million years
News accompanied by sign language to be mandatory for all Armenian TV channels
Michael Krauss / Linguist (interview)
The great anglo panic of 2011
Accented French latest target of language guardians
Dating the world’s language families
A First World War mystery in Fredericton is solved
Book of Dreams: Devices would help pair communicate
The CSDM's French-only dictum is at odds with global realities
Shared stories enhance heritage
The chimpanzee who sees sounds
Why teaching Chinese is a priority in Delaware
Language Problem
Obama signs executive order supporting Native American Languages
Linguistic Respect for the People Once Derided as Gypsies (video)
Language limits jobs, health care for new Burmese refugees
Google launches Voice Search in Arabic on iOS and Android
Trouble understanding Ozzy? Finally, an iPhone app that can decipher the thickest Brummie accent
ASL program grows, works for recognition
‘Prefer 'hinglish' over pure Hindi’ Govt
Anger at Irish sign vote
Which is to be Malta’s learning language
Azerbaijani school directors in Georgia study Georgian
Alutiiq Consortium hosts Immersion A-Z workshop
Pathans in Kashmir Preserve Identity
Variety of languages challenges, enriches schools
Technology to Reverse 'Curse of Babel?'
Deaf mentors teach families with hearing-impaired children to use sign language
Indigenous dictionary released on Straddie
South Sudan Republic, a Country Without One Common Language for All Tribes to Use
Regional accents prove point of pride, prejudice
How Siri Works: iPhone's 'Brain' Comes from Natural Language Processing, Stanford Professors to Teach Free Online Course
Gozitan author represents Malta in the ‘City of Proverbs’
China to standardize sign language, Braille
Sign language Santa fulfills wishes for hearing-impaired (video)
Fascinating insight into Pictish culture
Death of a language
Kokborok language film Yarwng to get Paris screening
The funniest, most bizarre and downright inept mistranslations on Wales' highways released in book
Translators Without Borders Prepares to Bridge the Last Language Mile
NB police must speak both official languages, court says
Palula Vocabulary: 7th book of Cultural and Language Series
OPINION: The Garifuna people should establish an international language and arts institute
Official language status for sign language demanded
'Prophet of God' claims mysterious manuscript's code has been cracked
December 3rd: 'International Day of the Basque Language'
The secret language of bros: Inside the dudeification of English
Row over Irish language festive sign (video)
Hack Your Gadgets and Home to Teach Yourself a New Language
Welsh Language Commissioner to start work in February
Group makes case for use of indigenous languages
Time for a linguistic policy - minister
Official languages plan unveiled
New social network created for Irish speakers
Rizal hosts festival reviving ancient Filipino writing system of Baybayin
Language inquisition: Estonia gets tough on Russian speakers
Wyn Thomas: Bangor University leads on bilingualism
A word in your ear: Motherese and baby language (audio)
‘Is That a Fish in Your Ear?’: Translations brought to light
Symposium highlights Pacific language needs
Russian to be official language in Latvia
Law requires kids to take more Chamorro classes
Alaskan educators tour PSJA’s dual-language program (video)

November 2011

Digitization of the Eritrean Sign Language
Berber Revival's First Big Sell: Convince Libyans They're All Berbers
The communicative brain
CPLP: Day of the Portuguese Language and Culture – Canada
Mysterious Voynich Manuscript gets digitised online
The Internet: A lifeboat for endangered languages?
From Klingon to Na'vi: Delving into made-up languages
The lost decade: learning Asian languages
Strictly Javanese at language congress
Kawaiisu Project receives Governor's Historic Preservation Award
Belgian politicians row over "linguistic sex" of would-be leader
A Brief History of Singing in Invented Languages
Bilingual Siblings: Our ‘Preferred’ Language
Is Speech Recognition Ready for Every Day Use?
Is There a Central Brain Area for Hearing Melodies and Speech Cues? Still an Open Question
Language test as a smartphone app
Website Enlists Crowds to Analyze Whale Songs
Volunteers begin typing 60K Hawaiian-language newspaper pages for preservation project
Treaty and te reo priority for new Greens Maori MP
Initiative to make Russian an official language closes in on target
Supporting the Languages of India
Step up efforts to document words, Bidayuhs urged
Pennsylvania's dialects are as varied as its downtowns -- and dahntahns
Internet domain names in Indian languages soon
Online Activism To Save Chakma Language
What Science Fiction Can Teach Us About Communicating With Other Cultures
Raising bilingual children
After Centuries of Oppression, a Libyan Minority Sees Hope in Qaddafi's Fall
Exposure to Misspellings Confuses Spelling Proficiency
Navajo Code: Powerful As Any Weapon In WWII? (audio)
It feels good to be able to speak the mother tongue
A rebuttal to ‘harmful’ English education
Hebrew tweets jump 150%: Israelis tweet three times more often in English than in Hebrew
Weighing bilingualism
Shakespeare In Kashmiri
OED to consider adding this year's trending Tech word
Russian, but not English still remains an international language for Kyrgyzstan - Roza Otunbayeva
Province makes resources available for Gaelic language studies
Mother language education
Thousands learning the Irish language in the United States - VIDEO
Académie Française challenged to update language with fresh bon mots
No students enroll in Kurdish language courses at Tunceli University
Do politicians need to speak proper English?
Pass the crumpets, please
National University publishes first ever Dhivehi dictionary
Mind your language
“A de pan kam”: Language “corruption” or “enrichment”?
Panjim: Better treatment to Konkani in Roman Script demanded
Bollywood learning new languages for the South
International Urdu Conference concludes
Book Review: You Are What You Speak
Cambridge University researcher spends year in Greenland (video)
A Language Comes Home for Thanksgiving
No recess from French as Montreal schools to scan playground chatter
Gullah-language Bible now on audio CDs
Sign language teacher Amanda Smith wins national award
Czech linguist comes back to Vietnam
Books for children launched
CRTC tells French radio to limit English music montages
Twitter study reveals explosion in Arabic 'tweeting'
Australia Includes Sign Language in National Curriculum
Startup works Arabic script into your furnishings
50, 100, 1000 words for snow: Does the language we speak affect how we think?
MIT grad student develops internet lie detector using natural language processing
After a month, Siri finds her voice
Translating ancient manuscripts via crowdsourcing
Zambian farmers learn to write their Shanjo language
How the brain strings words into sentences
Sri Lanka looks for national unification through language
Rescue it, or let it run its course?
Call to bring back bilingual record of Assembly meetings
Local researcher proposes National Language Day
The Politics of Digitizing Hawaiian language newspapers
University of Calgary: Learning languages from Harry Potter
Englishmen develop love for Hindi
BC abandons plan to demote French-language instruction
Narva City Council Fails Language Review
From lolcat to textspeak: How technology is shaping our language
Deaf association calls on state to learn sign language
The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right
Parents and Teachers Don't See Eye-to-Eye on Merits of Language Mixing
Promoting Indigenous African Language Films
Living On: Conference Devoted to Southern Finnic Nation
New volume of Encyclopaedia Sindhiana
A never-ending struggle against all odds
Promotion of Punjabi language urged
Child language documentation: a LIP discussion
Upolu debates Samoa language bill
Bringing languages to life in the classroom
Russian language initiative now has more than half of required signatures
Surprising pathway implicated in stuttering
Cool book alert: 'A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages'
Expats enrol in popular dialect course
'Speak Shanghainese' wins recruits
3,000 Volunteers Needed to Bring Historical Hawaiian Language Newspapers to the Internet
Sign language benefits hearing children and those with autism
Bilingual? Who are we kidding?
Castle to become Gaelic museum
Sohn receives Korean honors for language work
United States: The Young Ancestors - Video Documentary On Native American Teens Learning Native Language (trailer)
Earliest Sample of Minoan Hieroglyphics Found in Western Crete
Cook and learn new languages
Saving A Living Language (video)
Under-Represented Languages Dialogue Underway
Voice recognition: has it come of age?
Racing to Save a Native American Language
Lee Kuan Yew tells of his struggle with Chinese language
Dying Ormuri language finds saviour in English book
Linguist discusses endangered languages
PU dept takes Sanskrit into internet age, starts e-mag
Learn the basics of British Sign Language
Romansh hits the song contest stage
Vietnamese language promoted in France
New language for the Catholic Mass
MPs suggest simplification of the Hindi language
Singing to Save Garifuna (audio, video)
‘Hamlet’ succeeds with original pronunciation
The Last Of The Navajo Code Talkers (audio)
What-ho! Is that Norse you're speaking, Bertie Old Bean? The Story of English in 100 Words by David Crystal
Forgotten Tongues of the Dying People
No Maltese, thank you, Amazon tells publisher
Gaelic school is key to save the language
Katherine Siva Saubel, preserver of Cahuilla culture, dies at 91
Darwin’s Tongues: Languages, like genes, can tell evolutionary tales
Unconscious language learning
Bid to preserve languages pushed
Use Inuktitut or lose it, ITK panel says
Knowledge of Japanese language, culture crucial to WW II success in the Pacific
Rekindling Persian Past
A Klingon Christmas Carol Returns
PSS urged to include indigenous language class in high school graduation requirements
Eager to preserve language, Indians from Kerala embrace Wikipedia
Wikipedia Language Maps Created By Oxford Internet Institute's Mark Graham
Apple Siri, Google Voice could help save the world's languages
Linguist revives lost Aboriginal language
Policy to Promote Protection of Languages
OQLF wants French descriptions added to English brand names
Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher – review
Don’t dingie Scots slang say dictionary compilers
To read, write
Irish language version of Frank McCourt’s ‘Angela’s Ashes’ launched in NYC
The ‘linguistic famine’ in Kenyan households is diluting our culture
First Andaman dictionary a 'linguistic treasure trove'
Norwich launch of Keith Skipper dialect book
Author and Students Awarded on Language Day
Santiago to Host Congress on Indigenous Languages
Yiddish revival here to attract 2013 international conference
Closure of commissioner's office condemned
Giving Aboriginal Students Words of Their Own
HN: Linguists work on online encyclopedia of Czech language
Younger Estonians' Language Skills Declining, Specialists Say
Economics and linguistics merge in study
Calligraphy exhibit “Tengeriin Bichig” opens
Namibia: Agreement On Portuguese Language Signed
Yoruba language is dying, say Omole, Adeniyi
Sencity: more than a Deaf rave
VNSGU to compile literature in tribal languages
Learning the painless way
A Changing Language
All Greek to them: classics back in vogue as schools embrace languishing languages
Language of Instruction
EC highlights existing EU strategies on languages but respects national competences
Celtic Leage Conference 2011: Key Note Speech
Angelina Jolie's directorial debut to be released in Bosnian language. Good for Golden Globes?
Minnesota Sounds and Voices: Immersed in the Dakota language (audio)
Quebec pension-fund manager sends execs to French classes amid language tiff
Language in words few take on board
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Baltimore Dialect
Demand for French education surges in Louisiana
Taranaki Maori language expert calls for more creativity
Fight for Nyoongar language
You, señor, are nothing but a big liar – in any language
Linguistic diversity of Europe
Garifuna Translation Competition Held
Initiative for Russian as Latvia’s second state language moves forward
Music to the rescue in battle to save Europe's languages
Neville Alexander - a linguistic revolutionary
Breathing life into a dying language
On Icelandic Language Day, IR Goes More Icelandic
Elvish, Klingon and Esperanto—Why Do We Love To Invent Languages?
Cybertools Streamline Language Research
Much ado about Manchu
Indian languages goes Global
Baird gives a new voice to Wampanoag
Azerbaijani MPs suggest accepting Turkish as common Turkic language
Picking Brand Names in China Is a Business Itself
Apaches work to save language
Google Translate adds Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati to IPhone App
Dissecting dialects: From the coast to the mountains, North Carolina has a wide range of dialects.
At 105, Chinese Linguist Now A Government Critic (audio)
Indigenous Focus: Indigenous Languages Being Strengthened Throughout Chile
Northern airline launches Inuktitut site
Linguist calls for English changes
Turkic-speaking countries including Kyrgyzstan should come to a common alphabet
Tobique filming elders to save language
Hamilton tells GAA to help de-politicise Irish
Residential School Survivors Share Their Stories
Laz foundation petitions Turkey to protect Laz language
Macau’s 'sweet language' on verge of disappearing

October 2011

Translating a lucrative and sometimes scary proposition
Traditional English Words Being Forgotten Thanks to 'Text-Speak'
The Jamaican Charter of Rights, now available in patois
At French immersion school, a love for Russian
Language school opens to ease business communication
Russian linguist wants to rescue dying Doukhobor language
Translators are pushing for more literary focus
Endangered Languages Week lends speakers' voices to languages almost silenced
Expats speak highly of learning Shanghai dialect
Perfecting His Irish on the Job
Manx language certificates for adult students at the Isle of Man College
Zimbabwe dictionary unifies rival sign languages
Native American Language Documentary Wins Upper Midwest Emmy
Sweeping plan to revamp tribal education advances in Senate
Latin Americans separated by the same language
Cubero says goodbye to Keresan
Judge's ban on 'love' in court 'risks eroding traditional Yorkshire dialect'
National award for Inuvialuktun teacher
Internet Can Help Save Niue language
If Ferdowsi Lived Today
Distinct dialect of Jeju threatened with extinction
The Language Fossils Buried in Every Cell of Your Body
Seonaidh Caimbeul: Mod and Gaelic are not quite in tune
Kazakhstan's Russians Don't Want Russian Language Downgraded

August 2011

Lakota Summer Institute Arms Attendees to Fight the Loss of Native American Language
Saving Endangered Languages
Australian Endangered Languages Get Boost from Alumna
AILA 2011 kicks off at BFSU
Mangalore: National Symposium on Sanskrit Begins at Vijaya College
Dugon, Haus You Dinikin, Du-Ah: The secrets of twin speak
'Dere's a beeg jam up de reever'
Hebrew Immersion Another Option at Charter Schools
Scripts fading away with time
Donalds Hill Court - in French, Greek...
Rip-roaring tale
Cape Cod’s first language is spoken again
Bucharest outdoor events mark Romanian language day on August 31
Tokyo lecturer's book for Japanese Welsh learners
The Automatic's Rob Hawkins on learning Esperanto (audio)
Typography from linguistic function to art
You say tomato, they say 'xitomatl' - New Yorkers channel the Aztecs by saving a dying language
More day care centers, parents using sign language to communicate with babies
What's your sign? Deaf culture knows
English the lingua franca in China
Proposal could cut dual-language ballots (video)
Boulder man authors 'Climbing Dictionary'
Cops told to learn languages
Fundraising concert a love letter to the spoken word
Robust Preschool Experience Offers Lasting Effects On Language and Literacy
Call to implement Assam Official Language Act
A-level results: number of languages students falls to new low
‘Hallyu an asset for Korean studies’
Dictionary compilers create endangered words list
Justice Canada explores links between linguistic minorities and youth crime
Speak out during International Languages Week
English Too Easy for Hungarians
Yorkshire Dialect: The Most Amusing Turns Of Phrases
Yiddish a Mixed Bag at Jewish Schools Worldwide
Grand Ceremony Marks Launch of Global Konkani Organisation
Mrit bhasha? Over its dead body
Should My Kid Learn Mandarin Chinese?
Carlingford set to turn into 'mini-Gaeltacht'
Workshop works to revitalize Tlingit language
Official Languages Act trumps Montreal Convention
Getting Ready for Global Business: The Benefits of the Foreign Language Internet
Carmarthenshire Council accused of ‘total disregard’ for language
Kurdish language gains ground in Turkey
Italian language under threat from cuts, warns academy
Kerala to Prepare Konkani Textbooks for Schools
50 years of language study began on Martha's Vineyard
Joe Amoako, Delaware State University professor of languages, authors book
That's So Mysto: What makes slang stick?
Teen sees Yup'ik songs as means of preserving Native languages
Rescuing Endangered Languages Means Saving Ideas
Mankini, jeggings make Oxford Dictionary
Wordplay: from growleries to woots and beyond
Poll support for Gaelic language
French as mother tongue declines
Saving Salish, one speaker at a time
English as 'goodly spoken' in South Asia
Kohanga reo claim continues
Manipuri language day to be observed
Ivanhoe celebrates Polish heritage tastefully
Digital Heroes: Q&A with Michelle Gallen, Northern Ireland Digital Heroes winner
A half-Welsh writer's witty journey to become a complete Cymro
Academic calls for greater acceptance of Chinese-English (audio)
Opinion: Why is Bilingualism Seen as Un-American?
Montenegrin authorities introduce new alphabet
Teachers Take Intensive Training
Labour promote boycott of English language
Brussels now bilingual in name only
Speaking and listening share large part of brain infrastructure
MP blasts ‘monkey language’ attack on Welsh
Profound Reorganization in Brains of Adults Who Stutter: New Study Shows Auditory-Motor Integration Located in a Different Part of the Brain
Kiowa Kids program enjoys success this summer
Encourage Youth To Learn French Language
New Welsh language commissioner ‘must name and shame firms’
Philippines’ tribes take home lessons
English versus Pacific languages in NZ schools debate (audio)
PTV launches news service in Shina and Balti languages
Time to 'rampas' and restore glory of Bahasa
One Language, No Unity
Craze for foreign languages
Eminent linguist fought for country
Writers decry fall in Telugu usage
Ife researchers unveil local language text-to-voice application
Yorktown Musicians Teach Foreign Language Through Songs
38 years of Carn, the Celtic League magazine, now accessible on line
Ministry denies proposing additions to alphabet
Hawaiian Language Greeting Launched at Molokai Airport
Let every new word bloom
Census form Welsh row in Scotland
Classical or Kanglish?
A dying art: Calligraphers still aiming to be letter-perfect
Akwesasne Freedom School's mission: Cultural survival (audio)
ANU linguist noted for language rescue work
Language-obsessed teen has tongue operation
Lost indigenous languages to be revived
NICO commences Indigenous Language classes
First Marshallese class to be offered in Fall 2011
With the Dakota language on life support, a resurgence among native youth
Children sought for cleft palate speech study: Researcher has new method of therapy
Nearly 80 pct of Mexicans who speak an Indian language are poor
Romania rejects law on film dubbing replacing subtitling
Indian Women Bloggers Find Their Voice, in Their Own Language
Strange and Twisted Tongues
President Inaugurates the Establishment of ‘Dhivehi Language Academy.’
A Common Language
The Novel Idea of Promoting Proper Bulgarian Language by Legal Sanctions
Watson’s natural language processing takes crack at unstructured data
Materials for teaching native languages undergo revisions
Kazakhstan uses Russian experience in language policy
Speakers for Urdu as official language
House probe sought on penalties vs native-speaking students
Israeli nursing school rescinds ban on speaking Russian and Arabic
Faáfafines’ unconventional use of language evolves into Samoan dialect
Liveoffice Ports To New Language: Klingon
Google's Voice Hunter And The Search For 300 Languages
At 90, Chester Nez Keeps Alive the Story of Navajo Code Talkers
Indigenous languages thriving in Columbia (video)
Federal Agencies Take Action to Digitally Document Nearly 50 Endangered Languages
Amazigh language recognised by Moroccan constitution (video)
'Avatar' fans learn to speak Na'vi language
Book review: When the World Spoke French, By Marc Fumaroli
The murder of linguistic history — III
The primary school where just FOUR pupils out of over 400 speak English as mother tongue
Is Hindi our National Language?
The Eerie Beauty of Rare Alphabets
Native American Teacher Connects a New Generation With Cherokee Culture
Lingua franca
Staff to learn Gaelic online
Living the language
The sign of the times is loud and clear (video)
All India linguistic survey gathers steam
UT professor mines language for clues about behavior
Giving voice to Tsistsistas & Hinonoei
Korean language center to open in Indonesia
Language skills for orang utan
Royal Institute promoting Thai dialects
Mind it! Between languages
La.'s Tunica tribe revives its lost language
Welsh fluency among primary school pupils ‘same as 1986’ - claim
Official Czech language raters face new words surge
Linguist Considers 'What Language Is' — And Isn't (audio)
Rihanna and Lady Gaga to get Cornish makeover to save dialect
Call to fight for sustainable Welsh-speaking communities
For Nagpur University, Marathi is a foreign language
Research will log Gower's unique words
Translating Chinese means big business
Lewis Welshman vows to go to jail in Census form protest
Learning foreign languages
Asam Sahitya Sabha threatens fast
10 Essential Books on Typography
To raise bilingual children, some families try ‘one parent, one language’ approach
New Brain Imaging Research Reveals Why Autistic Individuals Confuse Pronouns
A Challenge to Britain’s new ”Speak English” rule
Police officers win Welsh language prizes
Invented languages
Chinese teachers are on a U.S. mission
Southern Albertans might have local dialect, prof says
Twitter Update: New Funding, New Languages
Global Voices in Aymara: Preserving Indigenous Language Online
Moldova: Attack on Journalist Causes Online Debate on “Language Issue”
For Alaska's Alutiiq, the Future May Be Found in the Past (video)
Minister for Gaelic visits Sabhal Mor Ostaig
Looking for qualified English teachers
Death of the Breton linguist Per Denez
Glaswegian and Brummie accents 'sound more stupid'
Zimbabwe: Book Fair Blitz on Local Languages
August is National Language month
Dictionary to record Gower dialect in heritage plan
Strategy to boost use of welsh in everyday life
'It's very nice, no?'--Nonnative English as a norm
Digitization Project Brings Ancient Inscriptions Into 21st Century
Growing a Yiddish heritage
A gift of gab
61241 primary students want to study in Eng: FORCE
After foreign languages, Tamils take to Malayalam
New Mandarin test to make Chinese pay more attention to mother tongue

July 2011

Castagna's idiosyncratic Maltese of 150 years ago
Learning With The Mother Tongue (Part 2)
Court orders Yukon to build $15M school for 41 francophone students
A Chance to Record Some of the 112 Local Languages
Govt to promote Iban language intensively
‘Secret shoppers’ to hunt for laggards on bilingualism
Make sign language official — Hadebe
Turkey: Istanbul’s Greek Schools Struggle amid Funding Shortage
Lost in Translation? An Interpreter Speaks (audio)
Dissecting Dyslexia: Linking Reading to Voice Recognition
British troops imparted Pashto language skills
Native v State Language: Ethnic minorities of Georgia face education and identity challenges
Day Yoruba Academy celebrated kids, arts
Rewarded for keeping Thai alive
No move to replace medium of instruction
Government keen to develop all languages: Mian Altaf
A stir over sign language
Indigenous, non-English languages struggle to survive in U.S.
Lebanon's last Arabic scribes struggle in IT age
In the company of whales
Balochi language moot starts from 31st
Twitterati Embrace Kazakh Language
Indiana University takes leadership role in effort to restore federal funding to vital foreign language and culture programs
Guest Lecture - Dharug and Lower Hawkesbury Historical Society
Language Wise
70-mile bike ride in aid of Welsh language
Advertising - Indigenous SA languages: Speaking to consumers
Saving language with a Record-A-Thon (audio)
American Sign Language on the Brink of Extinction (audio)
BPP calls for recognition of other languages
Mother tongue: Another opportunity goes begging
Guernsey French speakers 'may be the last'
Teacher program aids indigenous speakers
The vital importance of bilingualism in Malta
Ancient papyri: frankly, they're still all Greek to me
Language manuals website provides a cultural education
Leighton Andrews explains the role of the Welsh Language Commissioner
Among Twists in Budget Woes, Tensions Over Teaching the Deaf
Old school printer exploits his passion for languages to the last letter
Keeping the Cornish language alive by taking tips from our Manx cousins
'Keeping the languages alive' (video)
OAP marks Esperanto 124th birthday
Language tool teaches Tlingit alphabet (audio)
Viewpoint: American English is getting on well, thanks
iTrent Enables Powys County Council to Launch First Integrated Welsh Language Recruitment System
English-language schools reinvented
Linguistics Olympiad draws multi-talented youngsters
Why Harry Potter's Latest Trick Is to Speak a Syrian Dialect
Babu wants 'official language' status to Marathi
First Iban Thesaurus-like Dictionary Ready By Month-end
Plan to preserve endangered languages
Software Spots 'Opinion Spam'
The growing global allure of Kiswahili
Group Fights to Keep Dialect Alive
Linguistics skills send teen to competition
IGNOU to set up first Indian Sign Language Research Centre
Why aren't you speaking the right language?
Language progresses with colloquialisms
Swear words shed light on how language shapes thought
Govt 'recognises preschool concerns'
Expatriates learn to talk Emirati with course in 'Arabish'
LiveAndTell, A Crowdsourced Quest To Save Native American Languages
A visual narrative of the Cherokee language opens at Museum Center at Five Points on Saturday
Ancient language renewed in Libyan rebellion
Bangladesh: Government Needs To Take The Necessary Steps To Prevent Indigenous Languages From Extinction, Demanded By Rights Groups
The murder of linguistic history — II
Not just the written word
MIE trains teachers in 'Kreol Morisien'
The power of Creole
Welsh Government wants 30% of 7-yr-olds in Welsh-medium schools by 2020
Starting at home: A revival of Cree culture
Feature: English for Speakers of Other Languages
Budget cuts push student's language learning to the edge
Guernsey's Bailiff calls for patois prize to be set up
Foreign language centers cries wine and sell vinegar
Court OKs defense in Kurdish
Age no excuse for failing to learn a new language
Bible rewritten using 'the language of today'
Saving indigenous languages
Non-Native English Speakers Inspire Linguistics Archive
Experts to discuss online classroom technology for English language learning
The riddle of the Syriac double dot: it’s the world’s earliest question mark
Language 'main issue' in literacy, maths marks
Language Centre to open for ethnic minorities in Javakheti
Arunachal to introduce Bhoti in Buddhist-inhabited areas
WWII Navajo code talker Joe Morris dies at 85
49 Writers' Vanasse publishes original kids' book in English and Yup'ik
BYU professor researches Utah linguistic quirk
South Korea to open language school
A Hebrew revival
The school where pupils speak 44 languages (... including Zulu)
Courts lost in translation
Trouble with sentences may predict Alzheimer's
Languages on Papua Vanish Without a Whisper
Dene Assembly delegates push GNWT for language programs
Lessons from Oaxaca
Cursive Out Of Common Core Standards, But Still Hanging On
Studios try to lessen what's lost in translation
Restore funding for languages
Experts question roots of ‘modern’ Assamese - Reprint of Nathan Brown’s original 1848 grammar creates flutter in the state’s literary circles
Fewer Verbs and Nouns in Financial Reporting Could Predict Stock Market Bubble, Study Shows
High hopes for Ho
The power of nouns – tiny word change increases voter turnout
The Price of Typos
5th pan-Armenian Olympiad of Armenian Language and Literature gets underway
Lost Words - Video Trailer For Documentary On Revitalizing American Indian Language
Kiki or bouba? In search of language's missing link
Land of 10,000 Stories: Reviving the dying Dakota language (video)
Mi'kmaq language to be taught in 2 more P.E.I. schools
To make sense of the babel, Mumbai Police seek language cell
Visually-impaired can now learn in regional languages
First Nations Language Champions Honored
UC Berkeley asks incoming students to say more than 'hello'
Qatar Bedouin's dialect losing status
The murder of linguistic history — I
Enhanced Speakers
Kairdiff-speak could be a ‘dairk’ horse in the history of Welsh language
Dame Katerina Mataira, kaitiaki of te reo Maori passes
‘Pinablin Taoir’ radio program to rejuvenate Pangasinan language
What’s the point of Esperanto? Multilingualism observatory ready next year
Aboriginal Languages Institute Returns to NWT
Campaign for official NZ recognition of five Pacific languages (audio)
Questioning the Inca Paradox: Did the civilization behind Machu Picchu really fail to develop a written language?
Central Eurasian Studies Professor Kara honored for lifetime achievements
Court orders Air Canada to pay $12K to couple over lack of French services
Why do some Americanisms irritate people?
Language centre plan for campus
Researching roots of Tubatulabal language, artifacts in nation’s capital
Revival of Thai, Mong languages in schools
New book and exhibition looks at retaining the Haida language
Professional translation important for European integration
New edition of Language Atlas of China to be published within 2011
Parrotlet Chicks Learn Their Calls From Mom and Dad (video)
Ending language discrimination
Computer Learns Language by Playing Games
New SA doc explores dying indigenous language
Study Reveals New Clue to Sign Language
Xhosa people in Zimbabwe to stop learning Shona: Xhosa King
Korea to build Hangeul museum in Seoul by 2013
Lost voices, different lives
Rais Urges RTM To Promote Classical Dayak Languages
Protect Fijian language
Agadir's Timitar Festival highlights Berber comeback
Even Before Language, Babies Learn The World Through Sounds
Apps on how to speak Klingon
US to hold inaugural Spanish spelling bee
Expert: China's 130 national languages still thriving
Top Chinese dictionary releases new version to reflect social change
Language varsity on the cards
Positive moves to embrace te reo
Educators work to preserve endangered Alaska languages
Talk of the town? Not for everyone
Swedish dialects becoming fewer
Sequoyah's Language Lost & Found: Carolina Graduate Students Reviving the Cherokee Language
A way with words
Changes needed before second Gaelic school
EU, State Breathe New Life into Citizenship and Language Courses
A la perchoine for Guernsey French? (video)
Parents’ group fears for Welsh medium education
Learning by teaching
Justice lost in translation for Australians
Ethnic language goes digital
Gene implicated in speech regulates connectivity of the developing brain
What of Persian and the Lingua Franca of the New Century?
Namibia: PON Hosts Linguistics Conference
Saving Language
Can the Internet Save Endangered Languages? (VIDEO)
Javakhk Armenians against bilingual education system introduced in Georgia
Rizal films in Filipino sign language
World's only Sanskrit daily turns 42
Top Thai language speakers honoured
$500,000 for graduate fellowships in Linguistics & Second Language Studies
Do your bit to 'save' te reo
Take pride in BM, says Muhyiddin
Aboriginal anthem 'a truly uplifting experience' (video)
Dictionary reprint for simpler Assamese
Dew yew keep talking Norfolk dialect
English for Advanced Learners: Linguists Examine Obstacles to Native-Like Proficiency in Foreign Language Acquisition
World's first Gaelic speaking teddy ready to hit shops
Research backs English as key to development
Speaking te reo sets us apart
Can Learning Japanese or Chinese Help Dyslexia?
Arabic voiceovers: Dubstars
Czech celebrate Cyril and Methodius
Irish language must be valued
Interaction is critical for the evolution of the language
Celebrities bound for language camp for Welsh lessons
Prince William dazzles Yellowknife crowd with a nod to local languages
Fluency in Maori dying with elders
Child Late To Talk? When To Stress
Social networking 'giving Welsh a new lease of life', according to language expert
Moroccan Berbers Call Constitutional Reforms A 'Trick'

July 2011

Sinn Féin Pledges Support For Irish Language Strategy
Language loss and social stratification
Growth pangs of Indian languages
The Forward March of Spanish
A Rosetta Stone for the Indus script (video)
Hip-hop, texting may help save world's languages
The Rosetta Project Is Preserving Every Language Ever Spoken, On One Nano-Etched Piece Of Metal
USA's 1st Punjabi charter school to open in California
New York Works | Dialect And Accents Coach
Silenced voices: Languages dying off around the globe
Nigeria's pidgin radio station takes off
Tangier Islanders Retain Unique Dialect (audio)
Cornish Language Partnership awarded £360000 over 3 years
Compensation for lost languages
Federal cuts sting UW's global-language classes
Closing the language divide in Timor-Leste
Malay Language At Crossroads: Going Back To Where We Started
Endangered language studied in Spain
Concordia Language Villages: Finnish ambassador celebrates Salolampi anniversary
The secret of success to Irish language
Book Review: Tyranny of Language in Education
Chinglish finds funny side of language, cultural challenges between U.S. and China
Iranology center, Persian language laboratory established at Pakistan university
Malay Language Council releases compilation of Malay folk songs for children
Watch a Birch Bark Canoe Being Built
TV, pop and the internet are 'turning teenagers off learning foreign languages', warns Kate Adie
'Busybodies' watch their language
Jorhat hosts language workshop - Sabha vows to work for growth of Assamese
Goa CM faces anti-English ire
Australia: $47 Million For Indigenous Arts, Culture, Languages And Jobs
Rise Of Indigenous Actress Marks Change In Peru
Demand for Early Childhood Language Courses Reaches Epic Proportions
The challenge of an indigenous sign language
Greek-Macedonian Dictionary promoted in Brussels
VUW creates online dictionary of New Zealand sign language
Prachatham woos southerners using local 'Malayu' language
Why there are no films in original language shown in Kyiv any more
Language tests being misused, UK study suggests
Components of Speech Recognition Pathway in Humans Identified
East Kilbride woman to address international sign language conference
Galata goes red for Spanish day celebrations
Record 1m pupils speak English as a second language
Cherokees take action on charter school plan
Ray Kurzweil on Translation Technology
Preserving Alaska Native culture
Native American Students Helping Preserve Language
Google can now translate five Indian languages
Macedonian Language Becomes Official in Plandište Municipality in Republic of Serbia
Tonight: Properties Of The Bermudian Dialect
Cornish language's funding boost
Redefining language
Language camp teaches more than words
Foreign scholars debunk stone tablet with old Philippine script as modern-day hoax
Sequoyah Birthplace Museum to celebrate 25 years
Official Documents to be in Mongolian Script
Cracking the code of machine translation
Icann expands scope of web domain suffixes to include all languages and scripts
Diverse Salt Lake population provides much-needed interpretation services at hospitals, clinics
Planet of the Ape
Italian students find relief in Turkish
Why Context Matters In The Long And Short Of Words
Linguistics Institute to offer free films, workshops at CU-Boulder
Kyrgyzstan: Minority Children Need More than State Language
Teaching Gaelic 'needs written guidance', HMIE say
Celebrating Maori Language Week 2011
More Inuit language instruction the key: Nunavut Literacy Council
Extinction-threatened Qiang culture calls for protection after devastating earthquake
Atayal film recounts ancient migration and modern conflicts
Azerbaijan, Georgia review education cooperation
Govt schools pander to English craze
MHA asks central offices, PSUs and banks to use local language
National Assembly for Wales breaks its own law on Welsh language, says inquiry
The Success of Native Language and Culture-Based Education (video)
Thai students 'must learn languages'
Noida start up Panini Keypad breaking language barriers on mobile phones
Keeping a language alive
California Language Archive clicks with multiple resources
Man arrested after 'pulling gun during pub language row'
'In China, thou shalt speak the people’s language'
Students keen to learn an African language
Browning radio station brings community together through Blackfeet language
Yelkatte one of the last Sencoten speakers
Omar admits official neglect of Urdu, Kashmiri
MB: Minority communities must ensure survival of their languages
Squamish Nation publishes dictionary to keep their language alive
New languages to be added to syllabus
Provincial archives honours missionaries who devised written language for First Nations
Early experience found critical for language development
Salti Center for Ladino Studies Celebrates the Opening of its New Home
Who Am I? reflects Shuswap language and culture
Slovakia: Romani language, literature become subjects for school graduation exams
Disqualified AM at risk of losing seat ‘because he speaks Welsh’
Social and church groups concerned for future of Taiwanese as mother language
Camp meant to save Saulteaux language
Mising in language award list - Sahitya Akademi to recognise contribution from community for first time
Loveland company supports life-long learning for Native Americans
Brussels subway latest front in linguistic fight
Your English Is Showing
Japanese, 63, enters Grade 3
Do you speak Romanian? They do. Expats in Romania balance survival skill and cultural immersion
In Central Asia, Russian wave ebbs away
Restoring our national pride
Taiwan rules out official use of simplified Chinese
Genetic structure of the Mon-Khmer speaking groups and their affinity to the neighbouring Tai populations in Northern Thailand
Language can unite
Sign-language interpretation in Commons question period includes any heckling
Fairfax teen immerses himself in language
How ‘little’ African languages can be written down for the first time
Kashmiri Language Day Observed at DPS Sgr
'How to say 'I love you' in Greenlandic'
Building public spaces from fonts, in Latin and Arabic
Fluent English Speakers Translate Into Chinese Automatically
Ottawa to support recommendation for bilingual Inuit schooling
Two conferences on revitalizing Cherokee and small-population languages
New toolkit will help identify early language issues
Teachers go back to classroom to learn to give lessons in Gaelic
Language of change
Samareh translating Comrie's textbook for doctorate students
Dagupan revives Pangasinan dialect thru 'Project Sanengseng'
Justices Turning More Frequently to Dictionary, and Not Just for Big Words
A year on, and the Belgians are in no rush to form a government
Survival of urdu: Writers struggle for national language
UER, GES appeals for institution of local languages in basic schools
£6m for sabbaticals to learn Welsh
Punjabi univ launches online dictionary
Area middle school students in national Braille contest
Language lover listed in Queen's honours
Exploring Sweden's linguistic history in the United States
Tracking down where Welsh language dialects collide
Irish language theatre - is it time to stage a revival?
Glaswegian accent is a barrier for employers, finds survey
French immersion popularity on the rise in BC
Hinglish is in vogue in PU
150 red Rizal balloons go by
John Burroughs Teen Is South Korea Bound
Government silent on fate of French and Portuguese in schools
Language problem? No problem...
Bay Area School Gets Korean Language Class, With Help From Korean Government
Government shelves decision on mandatory Leaving Cert Irish
IGNOU hosts conference on sign language
Ga Dangmes in Diaspora lament over dying Ga language
MPs pass motion seeking to ban Vernacular use
Russia in race for Olympic English
Turkey: Kurds Boycott Mosques For Language Rights
Ganesh Devy receives 2011 Linguapax Award in Barcelona
Kenya: Kiswahili Spicing Up Broadcasting
The return of Igbo language film
At the Dictionary Society of North America, words matter — a lot
Yiddish is music to Bialik teacher’s ears
The Protection of Yi Language
Helping Bangor students to use Welsh
French immersion growing rapidly
No referendum on school language as signature drive falls short — officials
Haida immersion coming to Tahayghen
Kujtim Pačaku: Romani children should get their language with their mother's milk
Asian languages a priority for WA students
Nunavut tables language law road map
Will learning sign language delay your child's speech development?
Sri Lanka MPs to receive Tamil language lessons
Mother language protection stressed
Arunachal minister asks Centre to include all state languages
Language campaigners take S4C funding fight to Europe
Craigslist Ads With Good Grammar Get Better Response
Call for declaring Urdu as official language
American Indian Language Development Institute Brown Bag Lecture Series
Gwynedd primary heads meet over 'informal' Welsh bid
Plans for a new Welsh medium school approved
After 25 years of work, dictionary set for release
A gov’t that’s often lost in translation
Turkey's religious affairs authority criticizes recitation of adhan in Kurdish
Immigrant languages thrive amongst first-generation Canadians
Nigeria: Are Our Indigenous Languages Dying?
Be it numbers or words, the structure of our language remains the same
Fewer students taking Gaeltacht courses is bad for future of Irish
Keeping an old language young
Amharic heritage language class to teach reading, writing, culture to Ethiopian high school students in Los Angeles
Regeneration of Gaelic adult learning
Te reo is Cathy's life
UTA helps Native Americans learn to save own languages
Stars spark rise in local accents
Ancient world dictionary finished — after 90 years
Ancient language in modern times
Panaji: BBSM Stresses on Peaceful Bandh to Protect Languages on Jun 6
'Tamil language and culture fostered and promoted well in Sri Lanka'
Thoughts within thoughts make us human
Nigeria: Reviving Igbo Language And Culture
Dante Alighieri Committee in Bulgaria and Promotion of Italian Language Worldwide
Keeping it alive
French Polynesia to appeal France’s decision on indigenous language tuition
Mango Languages: A Michigan Success Story
Is it okay to lose your language? Not for these Fil-Ams
Championing indigenous languages for children
Maids to get free language classes
Trefor Welsh language campaigner vows to risk jail again
Amendment to Manipur Official Language Act for inclusion of Meetei Mayek delayed
Tongue Tied: How Budget Cuts to International Education Will Hurt the U.S.
Help: This Is A Stub
Navajo: a tongue for the young
Gita Koda wants to break language barrier
NHK introduces Automatic Animated Sign Language Generation System (video)
Gaeltacht areas will be identified by use of Irish and not geographical location
DoCoMo demonstrates spoken language translator for smartphones
After the spelling bee, imagining a world without standardized spelling
Korean Language and Culture Center opens at Minsk university
Got it in writing: A surprising Bronze Age discovery
Talking the talk
Rosetta Stone arrives on iPad; language learning takes logical leap
Pacific languages literacy ‘ignored’ in NZ, says Labour MP
Geordie's still alreet: Some accents are becoming more distinctive and others more widespread
Burma's Minorities Call Out for Native Tongue
‘If you’re Canadian, why aren’t you bilingual?’ new immigrants wonder
Sanitationman Edward (Shevy) Shevlin awarded Fulbright scholarship to study in Ireland
Institute to Teach, Revitalize Indigenous Languages
Bilingualism No Big Deal for Brain, Researcher Finds
Google eBooks Gets Dictionary, Translation, Search
Queens politicians push bill to force store owners to include English translations for store signs
Celebrating Gaelic Language and Culture, Op-ed
Israel to teach sign language in city schools
What’s New in Aphasia Research
Eyak language workshops coming to Anchorage
Two languages better than one
'Proud to struggle for language, script and culture'
Syntactic variability of dialects in the North Basque Country – with the BASYQUE computer application
Any takers of Tulu textbooks in Dakshin Kannada?
Linguist joins ministry to launch translation project in Congo
Up Close: Where the Code Talkers were 'born'
Recruiting policemen fluent in foreign languages to aid tourists
Bodo now a NET subject
Deaf request government to recognise Maltese sign language as legitimate language
Australians to be fined for 'obnoxious' swearing
Elder who preserved Potawatomi language dies
Talofa lava: Samoan language in spotlight

June 2011

Turkish PM dives into language debate
Learn to speak Welsh with your baby
Ambagan conference aims to enrich PH languages
The book of secrets
How accent could save Tangier
A Taste of Saudi Arabian Culture in Inverness
Some NY immigrants cite lack of Spanish as barrier
As Slang Changes More Rapidly, Expert Has to Watch His Language
Study of Korean language growing yearly in Taiwan
Punjabi set to become 4th top language in Canada
Khichri language
Lakhimpur to get language research centre
Indonesians Flock to Chinese Language Centers
Study finds small language gaps in children adopted from abroad
Jeju's 'endangered' dialect
Spelling not always on the mark throughout history
Irish language row erupts after Royal stamp of approval
Guardian of the language has come a long way
Converting Sri Lankan Malay into a written language
Sechelt language saved for posterity
Deaf celebrate new Icelandic sign language law
Festival aims at promoting Native language
Students work to save Salish language (video)
Slovak parliament passes amendment to Act on Use of Minority Languages
Sicily green lights instruction of dialect
Hawaiian Educators Spread Immersion Message in Washington
Irish in danger of dying out in Gaeltacht shortly, says FG
Irish Language Act to be revived
Internet Explorer 9 now supports 93 languages
Why Are Spy Researchers Building a 'Metaphor Program'?
Fermisht but Not Fergotten
MT prof wins Fulbright Scholarship
Early Intervention Key to Improving Literacy Skills for Deaf Children
A Kurdish TV station
Soapbox: Learning English is not a sprint
'Learn another language' campaign launched in KZN
Bengal to have six more languages for official use
UN Expert's Intervention in Marginalisation of Tibetan Language
Preserving aboriginal languages crucial
Galway businesses support a bilingual city
New Mobile Spanish Language-Learning App Brands Itself as the “Opposite of Rosetta Stone”
Teachers go back to classroom to learn to give lessons in Gaelic
Black and White and Hebrew All Over
UT Arlington linguist wins NSF grant to breathe new life into endangered Native American languages
Research and Markets: Linguistic Nativism and the Poverty of the Stimulus
Obama learned Gaelic from hotel receptionist in Dublin
Cong MPs divided over including Marwari in 8th Schedule
SA enacted law to promote Sindhi language: SHC told
Mais Oui! Learning a Language Helps Toddler’s Brain Function
Why Bulgarian still matters
Protodeacon Kurayev called Sts Cyril and Methodius "Orthodox Tolkien"
White Clay language grads make history
The LEARN Act: An expensive mistake
Carmarthenshire council plan a rise in Welsh speakers
Kannada S&T lexicon with 15K words launched
AUT Launches International Centre For Language Revitalisation In The USA
Socrates in Spanish
Manx language revived in schools with over 1,000 pupils now learning
Turkey’s Zaza gearing up efforts for recognition of rights
New Sign Language Bill Could Help Interpreter Shortage
Children Learn Language in Moments of Insight, Not Gradually Through Repeated Exposure, Study Shows
Salutatorian brings Latin to life as 'something really beautiful'
Seminar of ancient languages to be held
ESL teachers about to become hot commodity
The Language of Love: Word Usage Predicts Romantic Attraction
Why Sudanese-American Children Are Learning Their Parent’s Language
The sorry tale of Balochi press
2 years of Chamorro in school mandated
Students rue govt 'apathy' towards Sanskrit
Spellbound ahead of Saturday's Hmong Spelling Bee
Cheyenne language, culture should be learned at home
Language acts as hurdle for Marathi medium students
Reviving Hebrew
Not all plain sailing for gaelic channel BBC Alba
Language Learning Institute coming to Saratoga Springs
Healy couple translates New Testament to Gwich’in language
Tennessee students learning Chinese as economy shifts
INDIRECTLY SPEAKING / In praise of learning grammar--and not conversation
Mock Awards: Pressure group “honors” statesmen espousing foreign-language education in Armenia
New apps tackle Arabic translation
English language threatens Arabic
China and Taiwan 'first joint dictionary'
Lessons preserve Okanagan language
Infants' Cries May Predict Later Language Development
Pasage to the past
Teaching English at primary level no threat to local culture
Top scholars want Kiswahili tests reviewed
'English only' sign back up to stay at diner, owner says
Mozambique: Portuguese, the Language of Mozambicanness
Amondawa tribe lacks abstract idea of time, study says
Lord of the Rings author's love of Wales
Is the Southern accent dying? How new research shows upper and middle classes are losing their drawl
Mi’kmaq teachers find ways to share language
Speaking one's mother tongue is vital
The return of the Scots language
Cape Verde: Creole and Portuguese Languages, an Unofficial Pair
Latvian ombudsman backs proposal to toughen language policy
Teachers Need Greater Awareness of Language Disorders, Research Finds
Young authors put pen to paper
‘A great collection of words’: Squamish-English Dictionary part of language revival efforts
Feds must stop writing gibberish under new law
Dnevnik, Macedonia: Albanian to become second official language, Ali Ahmeti says
Tonga Language To Be Tested For First Time
Learning sign language at school (Audio)
Day 18: Google Docs Translations Don't Make Sense
NA body rejects bill to give regional languages status of national language
Kinect Hack Could Eventually Translate Sign Language
Baby Talk: How does language develop in babies?
Can Language Influence Your Sex Personality?
Kurdish "Language Day" Celebrated in Armenia (video)
Rights activists call for dual language policy
I learned Mandarin in two days (well, almost)
Learn a language in a laboratory
Internet poisoning English? LOL (IMHO)
Arabic Chat Translator Transforms Social Media Analysis
Linguistic surrealism from China to Belgium
Notre Dame, AIF dinner, and meeting the Taoiseach
The Case for One Armenian Dialect
Nearly 500 degrees, certificates awarded to Signal Peak grads
Video Game Training With Mock Alien Language Suggests Mechanisms of Language Learning
Reading Arabic ‘different’ for the brain –new study
Some parents angered by Daniels' picks for School for the Deaf board members
Khmer Tattoo Translations on the Rise – Courtesy Of Angelina Jolie
Swedish teacher lands EU 'tongue stories' award
Language conference focuses on EFL
Languages at university to be saved from the axe
Lingodroid Robots Invent Their Own Spoken Language
MAY 13 G/CCS BOARD MEETING NOTES School board approves NMSU-Grants’ budget and Keres discussed
Danielle passes on signing skills
State attorney general admonishes Jackson leaders over English-only law
How different are fiction dialogues from spoken conversation?
How our bits shape us: James Gleick’s “The Information”
Entropy is Universal Rule of Language
Communities strive to save dying languages
Angola singer appeals for valorisation of vernacular languages
First nation endeavors to keep Maliseet language alive and well
Busuu language, with only 8 speakers left, seeking a comeback in song
For some, it's courses, language, culture
African Language Scholar Wins Guggenheim Fellowship
Easter Seals celebrates Speech Language Pathology Month
Carpinteria Students Research Linguistics
Cabbies' language skills fine, says industry
One Hundred Names for Love: A Stroke, a Marriage, and the Language of Healing by Diane Ackerman
Poet leads Ndau revival crusade
Spanish Language Contact Center Solution Trends: Impact of Growing Hispanic Population in U.S.
In China, a rediscovery of Sanskrit
Zambia: Language, a Vital Tool for Communication
Hindi university: Gandhi's dream turned into reality
Zurich toddlers to learn only Swiss-German
Importance of translating from Persian to Arabic reviewed
Maltese language hardly used on the internet
Call to defend Urdu against English language onslaught
Hawaiian Language Lives On
Mountain Medicine: Confronting the speech monster
Loving The English Language, Or Loving To Complain About It?
‘Losing a moment in time’
Some not convinced of ape language skills
Persuasive speech: The way we, um, talk sways our listeners
Preserving the Ndebele language
GTC rules Chamorro language competition
Include Gojri language in 8th schedule: Gujjar organisation
Colombia: Saving dying languages
Choteau kids bask in Blackfeet culture during student exchange
Amirite? Learning to love 'tag questions'
MCC grad, a polyglot, beats rare defect
Tis Hazari judges have to use Hindi
Why can’t Asian Americans speak their native tongue?
To an unscripted future
Tlingit book collaboration turns new page in Alaska kids' reading
Vic schools to teach bilingual curriculum
Inupiaq inspires college graduate's interest in languages
1600 students, 69 languages, one school
Love for Erebuni school in Belmont
'Sign language is part of our identity'
Review: On the Death and Life of Languages
Volunteers teach languages to migrant workers
Writer says U.S. Latinos should be proud of their language
AMC educates on speech, hearing loss
Netizens have their fingers on new language
Swiss woman wins Korean-language speech contest
Poetry reading conjures up beauty of languages
Anambra sets up Igbo language school
Culver City Celebrates 40 Years of Language Immersion
Students Get to Experience Cultures at Language Day
Donna Teresa: Sign language rocks at the Boardwalk
Chavez: English Immersion for Immigrants
Twitter seeks Portuguese translators
Mongolia’s changing scenery
Google’s Real-Life Babelfish Will Translate the World
Language row erupts over radio station's bid to cut Welsh broadcasting
Where Should I Teach English Abroad? Comparing Teaching Opportunities in Asia, Europe, and Latin America
Arabic Language Study Flourishes in New Haven
Patients With Language Barriers Take Almost Twice as Long to Get to the Hospital
Rescuing ancient languages: Linguists labor to unravel endangered Mayan tongues
Lunch 'n Learn hears about the kinks in speech
12th World Russian Conference Opens in Shanghai
Shanghai dialect a true tongue twister
Stopping the local dialect becoming derelict
Children celebrate their roots
Conference attempts to decode the loss of language issue
Special deals offered as Star Trek exhibit's run nears end
Swansea Tesco Welsh-English signs to different exits
Alabama Supreme Court won't end rape case against Madison man who speaks only obscure Spanish dialect [sic] and lacks interpreter
Opinion: Universities teaching in English without thinking
The Danish language's irritable vowel syndrome
Dual-language immersion targets both immigrant and native-born students
EU tribunal overrules Polish name contest in Lithuania
Claremont Immersion Program Honored by Spanish Government
’No plans to phase out Afrikaans’ - UJ
Signing Hedda Gabler
French immersion: Mais nonFrench immersion: Mais non
Searching for Yiddish Land
M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse Teaches Chinese Children to Speak English, Love Disney
A champion of Creole
Pastor recovers from disorder that hampered ability to read, write, understand others
CBAAC: Harnessing beauty of mother tongues in Africa
Home drives -- and pulls -- a UC Berkeley student
Govt urged to recognise sign language
‘French Immersion’ movie mirrors satirical vision of NDP boot camp
Delhi meeting to discuss Goa's linguistic deadlock
Preserving Kashmiri language
Plaid AM raises concerns about Welsh language use in Assembly Chamber
93% of Maltese internet surfers use foreign language online
Interpreting the language of whales
Baby sign language becoming a classroom standard
Last of the Typewritans
First Iban dictionary ready in July
No getting lost in translation
Triple Word Score: 3,000 new words added to the Scrabble dictionary
Sri Lanka Malay Our Mother Tongue
Signing on every day
Accents that can speak volumes about who we are
Oath to be taken in six languages by MSPs
Language, Aaj and Kal
Grad Student will study and teach Cherokee Language, thanks to new Fellowship
No niche too specialist for skilled English language teachers
Feature: Learning Chinese brings dream true for Pakistani student
A school without any traditional Finnish surnames
Twisting tongues: Sweden's sexiest dialect
Preserving language: Special project aims to keep Halq'emeylem alive
International websites need at least 16 languages to be competitive online
NDP set to wade into language debates, but proposed changes would be modest
President: Georgian-Azerbaijanis must succeed
Bilingualism is no advantage when studying foreign languages at upper secondary school
Lessons From a Latinist
India asks Taiwan for 10,000 Mandarin teachers
Pirivena Teachers stress need for learning Tamil language
English: it's a neologism thang, innit
A second language for every high school student
Spanish Language Contact Center Solutions: What is Dialect?
Artificial grammar learning reveals inborn language sense
Speak Like a Local With Eton Institute’s Emirati Conversation Course
Talk with a dolphin via underwater translation machine
Dear parent: why your dyslexic child struggles with reading
Summer Chinese language camp offered to elementary students
Poor language skills 'leave Britons out of EU jobs'
State Library of Queensland sings with Indigenous voices
Otávio Good's Instant Translator
Corporate America Takes On Multilingual PR
Stroll Announces Launch of the Annual Pimsleur Approach Foreign Language Study Scholarship
Scaling language barriers as an expat in Africa
Technology gives voice to the disabled
Wales: Hotel Language Ban Protest
Israel's Arab minority to get TV station
Military language training draws words of praise
Translating and interpreting is a growing, but uneven, industry
Vietnamese language helps to boost Vietnam-Italy ties
Japanese, Chinese popular at high schools
Do You Have the Guts to Play Klingon Monopoly?
One Day of Language Requests
Youngsters forming Sanskrit speaking communities
English has real staying power as a world language
Exchange Program Families To Host Spanish Students
In crisis-hit Spain, language training booms
Why there is mass failure in English language
Presenting the new orthographies
College of Mount St. Joseph grads get a lesson in Lakota wisdom
1915 deprived Turkey of its Armenian language publications
Gift from Sealaska allows Native language fund at UAS to reach endowed status
Bangladesh: Indigenous Peoples Demand Constitutional Safeguard Of Indigenous Languages In A Seminar At Birisiri Small Ethnic Groups’ Cultural Academy
Jaffna- War Tourism And Language Imposition
House committee approves bill to make English the official language in Texas
Guatemala: Voter Registration Drive in Four Mayan Languages
Holding on to the Sikh heritage in the U.S.
Clearwater company reaches deaf community with its own language
Why We Mix Up 'Osama' and 'Obama': A Linguistic Reason
The Military's quest for a universal translator
Birth, death certificates to go bilingual
Top smartphone travel apps
CBSL promotes Tamil language proficiency
Codename Geronimo
Interpreters available at Immigrant Welcome Centre
Chimpanzees' 66 gestures revealed
'Motherese' important for children's language development
London’s Language Landscape
Translation tools: Student project bags Central aid
Qualified court interpreters in high demand in Kansas
Innovative teaching method in Sedro-Woolley leaves textbooks behind
A Literary Shape-Shifter
Writers awarded for their contribution to Indian languages
NSU holds 39th annual American Indian symposium
B.C. miners dig deep to save endangered indigenous languages
Preserving Gaelic Language Focus of Workshop
Mets Catcher Teaches Deaf Dog Sign Language
Translator bridges 2 languages and cultures
Watatita: 'Googlish' – A New Dialect for Local English Teachers
New start for Agence Bretagne Presse
Welsh language initiative Menter Iaith hosts Welsh on Tour Week
Today in History: 5 May 1925
The Translation Industry in China: Current Development and Potential for International Cooperation
Language and identity
Extinction of African Languages
Deaf prisoners sue Illinois Department of Corrections
Looking beyond English
Colombia celebrates "Feast of the Languages"
Big turnout for Ojibwe conference
Video: Oregon woman wakes up from surgery with foreign accent
Kalinga schools use local dialect in teaching
U international programs face large cut from feds
A Thief That Robs the Brain of Language
Finding on Dialects Casts New Light on the Origins of the Japanese People
English - Arabic and Japanese - English Translations Skyrocket in Times Of Recent Crisis Reports Globalization Index of One Hour Translation
A world view lost when a language dies
Report to restrict gaelscoileanna
Nothing Regional or Foreign about Language
What’s in the name?
T-Index: Which Languages Offer the Best Online Sales Potential?
First ever Oireachtas Gaeilge Cheanada to be held in July
Toddlers get immersion in kapa haka
Distr. 28 residents rank Spanish, Chinese, French as ‘most important’ world languages
Appalachian holds Russian language institute for high school students in July
Birds invent new songs in evolutionary fast-forward
Speaking multiple languages can give you multiple personalities
Want to learn Pashto? There's an app for that
16 iPhone users already downloaded “iTetr Armenian Keyboard” app
Colleges Adding Live-In Language Immersion Programs
Toughening language tests for court interpreters limiting number of interpreters
Q&A: Thomas Bever
China's Tibetan TV channel popular with diverse programs, like Prince William's wedding
Jeremy lifts sign language profile
New picture dictionary ensures Luritja language is alive and well
Hearing Impaired Men Stabbed At Hallandale Beach Bar
Esperanto speakers' fight to keep language alive
Punjab CM calls upon Punjabi diaspora for united efforts to promote Punjabi and Punjabiat
University teacher obsessed with Chinese language learning in Rio de Janeiro
English adopted as a world language
Sounds familiar
The dilution of Arabic...
Boswell's Scots dictionary found after 200 years
SA still divided by language barriers
The ghettoization of literature
Guide will help you to understand the writings of poet William Barnes
LECNY to hold Annual May Celebration
'Urdu is linguistic Taj Mahal of India'

April 2011

Signing opens doors for many
Northwest Territories: South Slave Minister’s Regional Forum On Aboriginal Student Achievement Focuses On Revitalizing Language And Culture
The joys of a small print run
Wasauksing residents question candidates’ intentions
Study finds Polish immigrants pick up UK accent easily
Shock quote for bilingual sign sparks debate over dual-language policy
The Return of Bilingual Ed Plague?
Government committed to develop local languages to promote culture
Lapsing languages offer different view of world
Classes to teach Hul'qumi'num
Full Frame Film Festival 2011: 'Project Nim'
Language learning software coming soon to a library near you
Warning: Kate Middleton Better Learn to 'Parler Français' During the Royal Honeymoon
Speaking an Indigenous language linked to youth wellbeing
Forum looks at expanding Native American classes
Learn from the Indian experience
The World’s Most Popular Mobile Language-Learning Apps Debut on Android Phones
Interpreting music into American Sign Language
African American Entrepreneur Takes International Leap into the Philippines
Pinoy Kasi: ‘Binisaya’
Illiterates in our own language
Otjiherero dictionary launched
Probing Question: Is Latin valuable for today's students?
Increasing Interest In Foreign Languages
Anglos must make themselves heard
UN office in Yerevan marks English Language Day
Call for more support teachers
Bunker Hill Community College Student Wins Critical Language Scholarship
Full Frame Film Festival 2011: 'We Still Live Here'
Storehouse of treasure
CNMI PSS proclaims May as Chamorro, Carolinian Heritage Language Month
Uttarakhand sets up separate Sanskrit education board
Book on words has a lot to say
Irving ISD candidate takes issue with English instruction
Budgeting In All Languages Adds a Significant Customer
SpanglishBaby Launches School Library Contest Winning School Will Take $500 Worth of Bilingual and Spanish Books
AG, DAG put on notice in case to make Urdu, Sindhi official languages
Rwanda: Reflections On Language
Scholars slam Manipur government
Digitizing Balinese Lontars
Everybody’s talking (and translating) with Chrome
28 years for the good book
The Meaning of Words: New Evidence of Ancient Maya History
India struggles to find Hindi words for English science terms
Charter school supporters defend proposed facilities
Linguistics: Not Just a Whole Lot of Talk
Province Celebrates 15th Gaelic Awareness Month
Sign language thrives in Federal Way schools | ASL counts as foreign language class
Optimus keyboard speaks your language, whatever it is
Emory Website to Track African Slave Origins
Summer program helps with speech, language and hearing
Twitter Adds Support for Russian, Turkish
Tribals demand Kherwal state
No work for a dream immigrant?
Conference on theoretical pragmatics, Berlin, Germany
Amazon joins Apple’s ‘app store’ linguistic debate
Linguistics successfully finishes first year
First functional online Slovak course launched
Foreign languages in decline in State schools
Unlock secrets of foreign languages at HUFS
Graduation Ceremony to be Translated into Spanish
New textbook endeavors to preserve endangered language
Ofsted report finds multilingual school helps pupils flourish
Chinese Twitter-like Service Looks to Add Other Languages
Lecturer attacks Labour’s plan for bilingual schools
French classes no longer mandatory in Calgary public schools
How expats are learning their local language
Qapco helps launch QSRSN's Sign Language Atlas
GADHOH urges GRTS to employ sign language interpreters
Lost In Translation: American Decodes Weird Spanish Slang
70% of Interviewed Teachers Found Fluent in Estonian
Amazon launches German-language Kindle book store
The King James Bible and the English language
ARCHIE To Offer Spanish-Language Digital Comics
Gaelic speakers over 60 from Western Isles needed!
Contest of projects for preservation of literary language in Azerbaijani media launched
Language wars in South Tyrol
Code talker describes experiences behind enemy lines during WWII
Good Characters finds art in science of translation
Armenian education minister’s visit to Georgia produces desirable results
Creole-speaking guards face discrimination: group
Iyeska, the Interpreter
Kannada language learning centres to be set up overseas
Esperanto, the International Language of Brotherhood
NMSU Las Cruces Student Receives Five-Year Stanford Scholarship
Britain to allow those who know Indian languages to be jury
Kaaththaankudi UC defends Arabic usage in name boards
The Linguistic Landscape of Sustainability: Green Progeria
Once Upon a Time in America…: Small Armenian community in N. Carolina gathers around Church
English fluency grows in St. Vrain Valley School District
Tunisia's Berbers test the limits of country's newfound freedoms
Keeping The Tatar Language Alive With Poetry And Song
Kapampangan is 7th online
Tips For Recognizing Documents With Mixed Languages
Storm over taxis for Gaelic pupils
Google Translate has great uses, disastrous misuses
Rosetta Translation launches new freelance recruitment initiative
Mobile App Helps Users Learn Language From Real Life
Souderton police may soon habla español
What would happen if YouTube & Wikipedia hooked up?
Turkish university to offer Armenian language courses
Exhibit on "Pidgin: How was, how stay" opens on Saturday, May 7
Vote 2011: Welsh Labour latest with manifesto mistakes
Funding for new Welsh-language school for Canton gets go ahead
Colonial Concerns
How to craft ads in other languages
Broadway Sign Language Interpreter Alan Champion Dies at 55
Musicians & Educators Join Together To Teach Children An “Essential” Second Language
Early Intervention catches children up
Witsman ‘talks the talk’ in her career
Language issues highlight northern debate
Expanding Language by (Online) Degrees
Be proud of national language, says Muhyiddin
Sign Language Community to come next fall: Open to select students
Montreal's love of all things Irish
Indigenous languages of New Brunswick: an endangered heritage
Mississaugas of New Credit striving to create a language ‘renaissance’
Getting in the last word
LU teachers, students cry foul on thesis in English
Nehiyaw Pimatisiwin Cree language and culture program
GE: Dr Yaacob disappointed with negative reactions to Malay language issue
UN independent expert urges Austria to promote cultural diversity and rights
Global language
Sign language taster sessions on offer in Alvechurch
Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Amharic Language
Learn to speak one of more than 50 languages through Lane Libraries program
The mother tongues: Learning Spanish and English unites children
Signing Babies = Smarter Babies?
A mansion of many languages
Radio Discourses analyzed
International Academy of Greenwich could open next year and will offer the International Baccalaureate programme
First Nations Leadership Calls on Next Federal Government to Honour Education Agreement
Look Who’s Talking: Four Animals Who Could
Language cards intended to help SD responders who encounter non-English speaking people
Coastal residents aim to preserve rich African culture
MSU to host undergraduate linguistics conference
China encourages promotion of Portuguese-language talents
World Bank Faults Itself for Slow Progress in East Timor
Flushing sign debate rages on
Student performs Cherokee song at NSU symposium
Cops get lingo lesson to tackle Maoists
Dictionary Publisher Federal Street Press Presents 2011 Back-to-School Lineup
State language development
Linguistic skills lose their charm at Panjab University
Glasgow University could scrap language courses because of budget cuts
Signs of love: Churches of Christ in Ethiopia serve the hearing-impaired
In praise of urban dictionaries
Amazigh campaigners challenge parties
Language policy won't haunt English medium schools this year
`Time for Tanzania to consolidate unity`
Acheampong Revisited
A Little Book of Language by David Crystal – review
David and Goliath at the United Nations
United States: Intermediate Creek: Mvskoke Emponvkv Hokkolat
Kirkconnel tongue inspires writer’s win
Hranush Hakobyan receives Ukrainian Ambassador
Smaller schools get Immersion trial
Businesses respond to Welsh language school plans in Penmaenmawr
Today's 'technological dialect' showing up in student work
Prestigious honour for Anglo Norman dictionary that has been 60 years in the making
Klingon is out of this world, linguistically
Arabic Calligraffiti: How Calligraphy Found Its Way Into Urban Arts
Learning Chinese is new craze at American schools
Vietnam to open official Korean language institute
Taught to the tune of a hickory stick: Swahili simplified
Linguists rush to save language spoken by three people
Vernacular languages institute works for standardisation of idioms
Lost in translation: Scientist studies the neural origins of speech disorders
‘Linguists’ laments languishing languages
Dialogues on diversity: Indigenous cultures
New kiwi dialect devised for film
French School Spring Show A True Testament of Immersion Education
Human Rights report expressed troubles on Javakhk situation
"Language ban" Anglesey hotel defends position
Bill to help immigrants sharpen English Skills introduced
English Language Day Care Provision On Rise In Helsinki
Evolution of Human 'Super-Brain' Tied to Development of Bipedalism, Tool-Making
Demand for new academy for regional languages
Review set to reignite bilingual signs row
UN celebrates Chinese Language Day with art and exhibitions
Language students take honors at fair
Government Giving Due Recognition To Mandarin, Says Muhyiddin
Poles living in Lithuania are endangered
English no threat to Danish
Zubeyda: Helping others “hear with eyes”
Access to indigenous interpreting 'poor'
Is Fast ForWord a backward step?
Chinese Language Day observed at the UN Office in Armenia
Arabic Names Spell Trouble for Banks
Publication: A Grammar of Old English
Baby sign language all in the hands, say Moms
Translation scamble after embarrasing error in youth Catechism
Mistranslating Hollywood
First Demers foreign language fellowships awarded
States address English-only license testing
Need a painkiller? Try cursing...
Psst, Military: There’s Already a Universal Translator in the App Store
U of T prof wins Killam Prize for work on Slavey language
Two languages of Kazakhstan
Chinese Characters Exhibition Held in Vienna
Mikheil Saakashvili informed the government about the new initiatives
Sinn Fein: the key issue is cross-border co-operation
Ideas We Like: Corporate-Jargon-to-English Dictionary
Cave Creek district to expand K-8 world language program
The Mystery of Language
Seven Years! New Kituwah Academy celebrates anniversary
Beyond Newspeak
Should English be the Official Language of the United States?
Kurds alter cultural and linguistic fabric of non-Kurdish areas around Iraq’s Mosul
Expert System's Cogito Semantic Technology Awarded Patent
The Bard of Animation, Space and Dreams: Part Two
Immersion students see variety of experiences
Exalead and Basis Technology Partnership Extends Capabilities of Exalead Information Access Platform
Deaf rapper coming to Christchurch
Has India Squandered its English Advantage?
New Book 'Automatic Fluency' Rated #1 by Language Expert
Learning languages: myth and reality
Honesty and language: Economical with the truth?
In the Fight for Language Survival, Technology Helps Shift the Balance of Power
Turkish PM's 'retreat' on Kurdish issue draws criticism
What's the Native American Man Saying in "Meek's Cutoff"?
How the Bilingual Brain Copes With Aging: As Brain Power Decreases, Older Adults Find New Ways to Compute Language
Falling enrollments force Arizona schools to be creative
Forty languages challenge Q-C educators
China helps King's birthday project: Buddhist scriptures to be translated into Thai
Nigeria Short Of Interpreters
Commission on Alaska Native Languages
JMU teams up with Rosetta Stone: University offers new online Spanish class
Australia’s Indigenous languages “Top 10 moments in the sun”
Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli stresses the need to learn foreign languages
Q&A: Teaching actors the fine subtleties of a Canadian accent
Students Make Film To Save Dying 'Konkani' Language
Confronting the Mass Extinction of Languages
Sign-language interpreter says Donald Trump easier than many pols to translate
Obituary: Professor Edward Ullendorff
Refugee settlement poses many challenges
The bang of the dialect
Port Orchard woman's a hit on Guam
Mt. Halla Bracken Festival set for Saturday
Translations that have helped shape languages
Some languages disappearing in modern world
The List: Five fictional languages
Misinformation about Russian schools in Estonia being spread in Europe
The evolution of language: Two origin stories
Turkey' Changemakers: Nihat Kihtir lifts barriers to participation through sign language
Arabic second-most common Australian tongue
Now Listen To 24 Languages Via Android Google Translate
Science’s best: Young scientists showcase to the world their new discoveries
Google News for Opera Mini in 29 languages
Lawmakers consider making "English" official language of Texas
KBWG Brings Blackfoot Language Lessons to the Airwaves
Researcher studies sparrow language at Bullards
The evolution of language: Babel or babble?
Girl, 10, who lost her sight after a brain tumour becomes fluent in four languages
Human Language Origins Traced to Africa, Study Finds
Preserving Indigenous Languages Via Twitter
Parents' 'Um's' and 'Uh's' Help Toddlers Learn New Words, Cognitive Scientists Find
Still no support for Middle-eastern languages in Windows Phone 7.5?
Worldictionary Instantly Translates Fifty Languages through iPhone Camera App
Kingsgate Primary school where 36 languages are spoken by pupils, is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted
Languages top election issue in Finland
National Democratic Party to Protest on Mother Language Day
Nelson dialect phrases to be carved on stone cubes
Ashland’s ‘Language Archive’ Speaks to Our Complexity
Mandla Mandela backs language move
Sensitivity 'essential' for translating international standards
A Bronx Boy's Bond With Lenape People
Indigenous theatre company is born
Reincarnation of Stories: New play, to be performed in Tlingit, opens tonight
Video: New Yawk Accents, The Documentary
Teaching English overseas: Graduates with a foreign language have a huge edge in the job market
More about the Alutiiq Language Program
Language at risk of dying out – the last two speakers aren't talking
Why do Ukrainian-speaking parents have Russian-speaking children?
Are languages shaped by culture or cognition?
Three Books For The Grammar Lover In Your Life
The thorny thicket of "th-" sounds
Swedish language under threat in Finland: report
Dialect of renowned Leintwardine parlour pub landlady captured in book
Fears for Cornish Language Partnership
Govt support for Maori language plan uncertain
Meet Duolingo, Google’s Next Acquisition Target; Learn A Language, Help The Web
Revival of a dying language
Conference aims to preserve Indigenous languages
Oracle Bone Scripts Captivate Tourists
American Sign Language bill becomes law
Protests grow over Welsh language broadcasting cuts
‘Language proficiency will enhance unity’
Slovakia: Nationalists want referendum against minority languages
What about freedom from language discrimination?
Exclusive: Early Christian Lead Codices Now Called Fakes
Deaf rescue dog now learning sign language
Sweden fails its Roma minority: report
Preserving African Indigenous Languages; how useful is it?
The first children and youth festival of Avar language to take place in Dagestan
European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages to be implemented in Dagestan
Phonetic Flashcards May Help the Future of Language
Endangered First Nation Languages: Launch of the Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim - Xwelíten Sníchim Skexwts.
Native American Language Fair
SOU hosts World Language Day
Fight to save national taonga
PanSALB seconds call to revive African languages
Learning Arabic at a Jewish school
Everyone's a writer
Identity dies when tongues are silenced
Writing on the Wall: House 77’s Typographic Architecture
New Confucius Institute established in Moscow
What is a language?: When Easy Questions Demand Tough Answers
Latvians may speak broken English
ESL – Language Studies Abroad Elected Best Agency in Europe
Tadić calls on citizens to freely express their affiliation
'Auf Englisch bitte' (In English, please)
Lincoln High offers Arabic language course
FBI wants help decoding mysterious notes found on body
John Smelcer/Author Interview: Writer from the Far North
Learn Mandarin Easily and Affordably with
Estonia aims for Estonian at all schools
Oldest readable writing found in Europe
Microsoft taps linguist in 'App Store' trademark spat
Yiddish at the Expense of Education?
Think twice about Dr. Seuss
Phone application corrupts and distorts language
Phone application facilitates communication
Language Assessment in Context (1)
Bemba’s Soldiers Could Have Been Multilingual
Arizona English language screening to change

March 2011

LCC graduates 99 from inaugural workplace literacy program
Every Indian school should teach Urdu: Kapil Sibal
Andhra Pradesh government gives English push at primary education level
Growing Diversity Fuels Chinese School
Bilingual kids fall behind at school: study
Nokia adds Malagasy, its 87th language, to the Series 40 library